Two asteroids approaching Earth today, warns NASA

NASA warned that two potentially hazardous asteroids are approaching Earth. Should you worry? (Pixabay)

Today, two dangerous asteroids are ready to make their close approach to Earth.(NASA)

Though, a number of asteroids pass close to the Earth almost every day, only a few of them pose a great risk. (Pixabay)

NASA has warned that a 28-foot-wide asteroid is set to be as close as just 1.56 million miles to Earth. It is dubbed asteroid 2023 DK. (NASA)

Another giant airplane-sized asteroid is all set to make a horrifically close encounter with Earth too. It measures 99-foot in size. (Pixabay)

NASA has issued an alert against this asteroid named Asteroid 2023 CG1 which will be extremely close to our planet -- just 3.62 million miles away.  (NASA)

Not just that, it is speeding at 23331 km per hour. (Pixabay)

The Center for NEO Studies at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is responsible for compiling a catalogue of all near-Earth objects that are projected to come close to our planet. (Pixabay)

This list serves as a means of assessing the likelihood of impact and enables us to identify potentially dangerous space rocks in advance. (Flickr)

Specifically, any object that is larger than roughly 150 meters in size and comes within 4.6 million miles of Earth is considered a potentially hazardous asteroid. (Pixabay)

This is what makes these two asteroids a potential threat to Earth. But you should not worry!  (NASA)

NASA uses various technologies, such as telescopes and satellites, both on Earth and in space, to monitor these asteroids. And the DART mission is a new hope to tackle difficult situations.  (Pixabay)

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