Warning! 590-foot asteroid approaching Earth at great speed 

Know all about the massive 590-foot asteroid that is speeding towards Earth.

On March 10, it was revealed that NASA is tracking an asteroid named 2023 DW which has a 1-in-600 chance of striking Earth. (Pixabay)

The threat is still a bit far as its close approach is expected to take place in the year 2046.  (Pixabay)

While that threat is far away, currently, there is a massive 590-foot wide asteroid called 2023 CM that is dashing towards our planet and it will aproach it very soon. (Pixabay)

The asteroid 2023 CM will make its closest approach to Earth on March 14. (Pixabay)

If the asteroid hits the planet it could cause widespread destruction including earthquakes, tectonic shifts, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and even forest fires. (Pixabay)

NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) recently added 2023 CM to its database, revealing important information about the asteroid. (Pixabay)

The asteroid, first observed on February 2 of this year, is traveling at an astonishing speed of 50472 kmph, much faster than the typical range of 25,000-40,000 kmph for most asteroids. (Pixabay)

The 590-foot wide asteroid is as large as a sky-scraper and it can decimate hundreds of kilometers of land upon impact.  (Pixabay)

NASA has classified 2023 CM as a potentially hazardous asteroid. (Pixabay)

The asteroid will come closer than 7.4 mn kilometers to Earth and it is large enough to pose a significant threat to the planet. (Pixabay)

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