What is your Wi-Fi password? Find it on your iPhone this way

What is your Wi-Fi password? Don't remember it?

Your iPhone can easily tell your Wi-Fi password.

You can view and copy your Wi-Fi password, and the passwords for the networks you have connected to in the past.

Here is how iPhone users can know their WiFi password:

Go to Settings and tap Wi-Fi.

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Then you will have to tap the information button available next to the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.

Then tap the password. When viewing any Wi-Fi password you need to use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock and reveal it. Also, to view saved Wi-Fi passwords, you need iOS 16 or later.

You can then tap copy to copy and share the password.

To look up the passwords of the previous Wi-Fi connections, in Settings tap Wi-Fi.

Then tap edit in the upper right corner. Wi-Fi passwords will have a lock icon next to them.

Tap the information icon and then the password. You can then click on copy to copy and share the password.

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