WhatsApp lover, but dil maange more? These 5 secret apps are just what you need

WhatsApp has changed the way we communicate with each other, but you can add so much more fun to it through these 5 apps that very few people know about. 

Since its launch in November 2009, WhatsApp has grown by leaps and bounds and the messaging service is used by billions of people around the world. 

So, if you’re a WhatsApp lover, then take advantage if these 5 essential apps to enhance your WhatsApp messaging experience. 

1. WhatsAuto

WhatsAuto allows users to auto-reply to WhatsApp messages when you’re driving or away from your phone. 

Got a friend who posts hilarious content on WhatsApp status? You can save their status media with the help of WhatsApp Status Saver app. 

3. Transcriber for WhatsApp 

Transcriber for WhatsApp allows users to transcribe WhatsApp voice messages into text.

4. WhatsTool 

WhatsTool is a multi-functional app which lets users send messages to unsaved numbers, save bulk messages and more. 

5. WA Call Blocker 

Have anyone needlessly calling you on WhatsApp? Use the WA Call Blocker app which lets you block WhatsApp calls from specific contacts without blocking them entirely. 

Before you go ahead downloading these apps, you should note that WhatsApp does not officially support 3rd party apps as it "can't validate their security practices”. 

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