When the Elon Musk Tornado hit Twitter

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, it started with sleepless nights for engineers and ended with 50% employees sacked.

The employees received a first email Thursday informing them that they would know their fate the next day.

On Friday, the second email confirmed the rumors: 50 percent of the staff lost their jobs.

The content moderation layoff rate was only 15 percent.

After 24 hours without addressing the layoffs, Musk finally tweeted:

He tweeted that "unfortunately there is no choice when the company is losing over $4M/day"

Those who lost their jobs were "offered three months of severance."

Musk had engineers from his flagship company parachute in to assess the work of Twitter developers.

In retaliation, some fired Twitter staff filed a class-action suit against the company.

Reason was that they had not received the 60-day notice.

Many employees fear that Twitter will now accuse them of misconduct and not pay them severance.

Many staffers left before Musk's arrival. More than 700 people left on their own.

The radical change was evident when engineers were told to redesign certain features in a very short time.

Notably, Twitter did a U-turn of sorts and called back some fired staffers to work just a day later.

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