Whopping 1.7 mn YouTube videos removed in India; here is why

YouTube’s Community Guidelines are in place to filter violative content on its platform. 

The video-sharing platform uses human reviewers and machine learning together to keep a check on content. 

YouTube’s Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for Q3 2022 says it removed over 1.7 mn videos in India between July and Sept 2022 for violating guidelines.

Over 5.6 million videos were removed foar violating YouTube Community Guidelines globally. 

Notably, more than 94 percent of these videos were first flagged by machines rather than humans. 

Significantly, 36 percent were removed before they received a single view, and 31 percent received between 1 and 10 views before they were removed. 

More than 67 percent of the violating videos first detected by machines received fewer than 10 views before they were removed from YouTube. 

At the same time, YouTube also removed over 5 million channels in Q3 2022 for violating the Community Guidelines. 

The video-sharing platform also removed more than 728 mn comments, most of which were spam and more than 99 pct of them were removed automatically. 

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