Wordle 625 answer today: Check Wordle hints, clues and solution too

Check the Wordle 625 answer for today and clear up all your confusion and get a clear shot answer. Look at the clues and hints below and the solution too. (AFP)

You can get a clear Wordle 625 answer for today by using these five hints and clues. (Pixabay)

The very first Wordle Hint says that today’s word starts with P. (AFP)

The second Wordle hint is the word has only one vowel. (Pixabay)

None of the letter is being repeated. (Pixabay)

The word ends with Y. (Pixabay) 

In the final clue and the biggest hint: It's a name in certain regions and in others, it is used to refer to a part of human anatomy! (Wordle)

The clues and hints should be enough, but if you can't get the solution, then here is the answer for you. (Reuters)

We often use it and it is very common. You can still take a couple of minutes to figure it  out. (Reuters)

 Finally, here is the answer you were waiting for: the Wordle word of the day is PINKY. (HT Tech)

 It is a noun. In some countries it is used as a name and in others it refers to the little finger. (Reuters)

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