Wow! On iPhone 14, iPhone 13, turn video speech into text! Get live captions this way (HT Tech)

iPhone users can now transcribe spoken audio in real time. The only condition is -the iPhone should support Live Captions (Beta) in iOS 16. (Reuters)

Apple says, with Live Captions (beta), spoken dialogue is turned into text and displayed in real time on your iPhone screen. (Reuters)

With the help of the feature you will be able to easily follow the audio in any app, such as FaceTime or Podcasts, and in live conversations around you. (Reuters)

It can be known that Live Captions is available in English (U.S. and Canada). (Reuters)

Here is how you can set up and customize Live Captions: (HT Tech)

Go to Settings, then tap on Accessibility followed by Live Captions (Beta). (Apple)

Turn on Live Captions, then tap Appearance to customize the text, size, and color of the captions. (Reuters)

By default, Live Captions are shown across all apps. To get live captions only for certain apps such as FaceTime or RTT, turn them on below In-App Live Captions. (Apple)

In order to see live captions tap the Microphone button. Then Make the transcription window bigger: Tap the Maximize button. (Reuters)

To restore the window to the smaller size, tap the Minimize button. To pause the transcription tap the Pause button. To hide the transcription window tap the Collapse button and to restore the window, tap the Live Captions Collapsed button. (HT Tech)

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