WOW! THIS asteroid actually hit Earth on November 19, 2022; shocking NASA revelation

NASA reveals that this asteroid actually hit Earth just days ago! 

An asteroid actually lit up the sky as it flew over Southern Ontario, Canada on November 19, 2022. 

What’s shocking is that this 3-foot asteroid was detected just hours before impact! 

NASA’s Catalina Sky Survey discovered this small asteroid in the evening on November 18. 

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Although NASA says such small asteroids do not pose a threat to Earth, they are helpful in testing NASA’s planetary defense capabilities. 

The data collected was then reported to Minor Planet Center and then posted to the Near-Earth Object Confirmation Page. 

NASA’s Scout impact hazard assessment system calculated the asteroid's trajectory and possible impact sites by analyzing the data. 

Just minutes after getting the data, a 25 percent probability of hitting Earth’s atmosphere was calculated. 

The possible impact sites ranged from the Atlantic Ocean off the East Coast of North America to Mexico.

While the final truth is still mysteriously eluding everyone, the asteroid is likely to have burned up upon entering the planet’s atmosphere.

The asteroid is likely to have scattered small meteorites over the southern coastline of Lake Ontario.

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