WWDC 2023: Who should not buy the Apple AR/VR headset?

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

Apple is making history on 2 counts here. Number one is that this is the company's first-ever headset.

Photo Credit: HT Tech

Thanks to an amazing deal from Amazon, you can now get the latest Google Pixel 7 for less than market price. 

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The Apple headset is a ski-goggles kind of product that will cover the eyes and much of the brow too. It will have multiple cameras and microphones dotted across it.

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Considering its immersive nature and the uses it can be put to, it may not be suitable for many.

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So, Apple will likely tell some potential customers not to buy it due to the impact AR and VR may have on their health.

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With this offer, you can get the Google Pixel 7 for Rs. 52749. 

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Who will these potential customers be? People with Meniere's Disease, past traumatic brain injuries, those with post-concussion syndrome, migraines and vertigo.

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