Google Pixel 7a: 4 reasons why you should buy

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Google Pixel 7a is all set to be launched today during Google I/O 2023 event. Here are 4 exciting reasons that make the smartphone worthwhile? Just check here.

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Rumour mills are continuously churning out crucial details that are boosting the excitement around the upcoming Google Pixel 7a. 

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Based on leaks and rumours, here are the top 4 biggest reasons why you should buy the new Google Pixel 7a.

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Undoubtedly, first on the list is the new Tensor G2 chip, which takes a step forward from the Tensor chipset on Pixel 6a. 

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Google Pixel 7a upgrade by incorporating the Tensor G2 chipset from the Pixel 7 released last fall will likely provide a big leap in performance and make it worth buying.  

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Camera upgrades! Leaks suggest that Pixel 7a will get a a whopping 64MP camera along with a 13MP ultra-wide. This is a steep step, considering Pixel 6a has a 12.2MP main camera. 

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Third, a display with a faster refresh rate. Moving away from a 60Hz display for budget Pixel phones, the new Pixel 7a is expected to get a 90Hz display.

Wireless charging will truly be the proverbial cherry on top! 

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The notable difference between Google's budget phone and its flagship models has been the absence of wireless charging since the launch of the Pixel 3a. this is set to end! 

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Of course, you will have to wait till the launch of the Pixel 7a to see what is rolled out. The wait is not long, it will be launched later today. 

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