How to unlock Google Pixel 7 with your fingerprint

You can use Fingerprint Unlock feature to unlock your phone or verify that it's you. (Unsplash)

This is required while signing into apps or approving a purchase. (Reuters)

To set up Fingerprint Unlock, go to your Home screen and swipe up to see all your apps. (Unsplash)

Open your Settings App. Tap Security, then Tap Face and Fingerprint Unlock. (Unsplash)

 If it is your first time setting up Fingerprint Unlock, choose a backup screen lock method. Then decide what you want your lock screen to display. (AFP)

You can allow your phone to show all notifications, some notifications or none at all. Next, tap Fingerprint Unlock. Review the information on how Fingerprint Unlock works and security tips to keep in mind. (Unsplash)

When you are done, tap I agree. Then tap Start and follow the prompts on the screen to capture your fingerprint. (HT Tech)

Once your fingerprint is added, tap Done. Now you can Unlock your phone by firmly holding your finger on the Display sensor until the phone Unlocks. (Unsplash)

If you have trouble unlocking your phone using Fingerprint Unlock, you can troubleshoot the issue too.  (Unsplash)

First, make sure your fingerprint covers the entire sensor and that it's the the same finger you used when enrolling in Fingerprint Unlock. (Unsplash)

You should also ensure that your display is clean. And if you have dry fingers, moisturize them before scanning your fingerprint. If none of these fixes work, delete your current fingerprint and re-enroll your fingerprint again. (HT Tech)

To delete your current Fingerprint, open your Settings App, tap Security then tap Face and Fingerprint Unlock. Enter your PIN, pattern, or password, tap Fingerprint Unlock then tap the Trash icon to remove your Fingerprint tap Add Fingerprint to re-enroll. (Unsplash)

Now you know how to set up and troubleshoot Fingerprint Unlock on a Pixel 7 phone.  (HT)

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