No pain! Let your iPhone create, autofill and store your passwords! Know how

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It is always recommended to keep a strong password to protect all accounts from hackers.

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However, the more complex the password is, the more difficult it is to remember. But not for an Apple iPhone user.

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You can let your iPhone create, auto-fill, and store passwords for you with iCloud Keychain.

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When you sign up for services on websites and in apps, you can let the iPhone create strong passwords for many of your accounts.

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iPhone stores the passwords in iCloud Keychain and fills them in for you automatically, so you don’t have to memorize them.

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It can be noted that instead of requiring you to sign in with passwords, participating websites and apps support signing in via Apple ID and passkey (Face ID or Touch ID).

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To create a strong password, on the new account screen for the website or app, enter a new account name. For supported websites and apps, iPhone suggests a unique, complex password.

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To later allow the iPhone to automatically fill in the password, tap Yes when you are asked if you want to save the password.

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In order for the iPhone to create and store passwords, iCloud Keychain must be turned on. You can go to Settings  (your name) iCloud Passwords and Keychain.

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To automatically fill in a saved password, on the sign-in screen for the website or app, tap the account name field. Tap the Password AutoFill button, tap Other Passwords, then tap an account.

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