Sun, Jupiter, Mars, to Earth, check out the mesmerizing images of planets in our solar system

Photo Credit: Pixabay

 Our solar system is vast and yet in space terms it is tiny. Nevertheless, from our Sun, Jupiter, Earth to Mars, it is inhabited by amazing planets and their moons. Check out these beautiful images of our solar system.


Mercury: On March 11, 2011, NASA's Messenger spacecraft entered the orbit of Mercury. During this, its cratered surface was captured which revealed its geological history.

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Venus: During NASA's Magellan mission to Venus, the spacecraft captured the entire surface of Venus which revealed its impact sites from meteorites.

Photo Credit: NASA/NOAA

Earth: NASA’s DSCOVR satellite captures images of Earth every two hours from its EPIC camera. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Mars: A Viking Project spacecraft successfully lands on Mars and sends back images of its surface. The landing site of the project was Chryse Planitia. 

Photo Credit: NASA

Jupiter:  NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured a true color mosaic of Jupiter at a distance of approximately 10 million kilometres.

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI

Saturn: The same  Cassini spacecraft conducted a 9-hour-long photography session of the planet Saturn and its rings. 

Photo Credit: NASA

Uranus: NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft got as close as 81800 kilometres to the planet in 1986 and captured various images of the planet.

Photo Credit: NASA

Neptune: NASA's Voyager 2 was the first spacecraft that made it close to the planet and was able to capture some images.

Photo Credit: NASA

Sun: NASA’s Parker Solar Probe made the closet to the Sun’s atmosphere to conduct studies about its environment. It is the first spacecraft that actually "touched" the Sun.

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