7 AI PCs with Microsoft Copilot+ powered by Snapdragon X Elite, X Plus from Asus, Acer, HP and more

Photo Credit: Acer

Acer Swift 14 AI: Acer introduces the Swift 14 AI, a new laptop offering AI experiences for everyday tasks. With Snapdragon X Series platforms and Copilot+ capabilities in Windows 11, it elevates productivity and creativity.

Photo Credit: Acer

The Swift 14 AI features Acer PurifiedView 2.0 and Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0 for enhanced visuals and voice control. It boasts a 2.5K touchscreen display option for immersive visuals and a unique Copilot+ PC-exclusive design.

Photo Credit: ASUS

ASUS Vivobook S 15: ASUS integrates Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus into the Vivobook S 15, delivering unprecedented AI power and efficiency. With 45 NPU TOPS and ASUS IceCool Thermal technology, it offers lightning-fast on-device AI processing.

Photo Credit: ASUS

ASUS Vivobook S 15 Features: The Vivobook S 15 offers more than 18 hours of productivity, a 15.6-inch 3K 120 Hz OLED display, and a slim form factor with a full set of I/O ports, making it versatile for on-the-go use.

Photo Credit: Dell

Dell's New AI-Powered Laptops: Dell unveils five new laptops powered by Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus. The XPS 13, Inspiron 14 Plus, Inspiron 14, Latitude 7455, and Latitude 5455 offer exceptional speed, AI performance, and long battery life.

Photo Credit: HP

HP's Next-Gen AI PCs: HP's OmniBook X AI PC and EliteBook Ultra AI PC are engineered around Snapdragon X Elite for powerful AI processing. With up to 26 hours of battery life and AI optimization, they offer productivity and security features for commercial customers.

Photo Credit: Lenevo

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x:  Lenovo introduces the Yoga Slim 7x and ThinkPad T14s Gen 6, its first AI PCs powered by Snapdragon X Elite. These laptops offer top performance per watt, fast NPU-based AI processing, and innovative features for consumer and business users.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft's Surface Laptop and Surface Pro: Microsoft unveils the fastest, most intelligent Surface Laptop and Surface Pro. Powered by Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus, they offer incredible performance, long battery life, and new AI experiences like AI-enhanced cameras and haptic touchpads.

Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge: Samsung's Galaxy Book 4 Edge is equipped with hybrid AI integrations and powered by Snapdragon X Elite. With Dynamic AMOLED 2X display options, it enhances creativity and productivity, offering intuitive capabilities and simple language prompts.

Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Edge Features: The Galaxy Book 4 Edge brings beloved Galaxy AI features to the PC, including Circle to Search with Google, Live Translate, and Chat Assist. It offers a personalised, powerful AI computing experience for users.

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