Shukrayaan-1 mission: ISRO shares Venus mission launch date, objectives, and significance

Photo Credit: NASA

What is Shukrayaan-1 mission?: ISRO's maiden voyage to Venus. Shukrayaan combines 'Shukra' (Venus) and 'Yaana' (carrier). The mission aims to explore Venus, the hottest planet in our solar system.

Photo Credit: NASA

Shukrayaan-1 mission Progress: After postponements, ISRO is now actively developing the Venus Orbiter Mission, set to be launched on GSLV Mk II or GSLV Mk III.

Photo Credit: NASA

Shukrayaan-1 mission Launch Date: Originally set for mid-2023, the Venus mission was delayed due to the pandemic. ISRO's new launch window is December 2024, with an alternative in 2031.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

NASA has it that Venus' is not habitable as the atmosphere there is totally inhospitable. ISRO believes Shukrayaan-1 mission may uncover clues, including the possibility of bacteria in the upper atmosphere.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Shukrayaan-1 mission Objectives: The mission will comprehensively study Venus, including its surface, atmosphere, structure, dynamics, and geological composition.

Photo Credit: NASA

Shukrayaan-1 mission will employ high-resolution imaging technology for day and night, providing insights into surface processes and subsurface stratigraphy.

Photo Credit: ESA

The Shukrayaan-1 mission will investigate the interaction between solar wind and Venus' ionosphere,  volcanic activity, cloud cover, and various planetary characteristics.

Photo Credit: NASA

ISRO is also working on satellites to study space temperature's impact on Earth and planning missions to explore Venus and land a spacecraft on the moon, further advancing space exploration.

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