The first major Minecraft update of 2022, The Wild, is here; check everything you need to know

After a long wait, finally the first major Minecraft update of 2022 is here. Find out what’s new in The Wild and what you should be looking forward to.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 12:54 IST
The Wild, the first major Minecraft update of 2022 is here. Know what’s new in the Minecraft 1.19 update (Minecraft)
The Wild, the first major Minecraft update of 2022 is here. Know what’s new in the Minecraft 1.19 update (Minecraft)

It has been months since Minecraft players were getting teasers in the form of Snapshots for The Wild update. But finally, the first major update of 2022 for Minecraft is here. And it brings a plethora of new features, two new biomes, four new mobs and a ton of blocks to the game. But that isn't even all. As you download the new update, we have put together an exhaustive list of everything you need to know about this update. Do note that the update for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch,  iOS and  Android. On the other hand, the update for Minecraft: Java Edition will be on macOS, and Linux. Alongside, Windows users will get to play both Java and Bedrock editions, as the company has announced that both editions will be sold together for PC players.

Minecraft: The Wild update is here

The new update gives you plenty of new areas to explore like the Ancient City in the Deep Dark and the swamp in Mangrove biome. And alongside areas, you also will get to interact with new mobs like frogs and the dangerous Warden. There is much to unfold in The Wild update, so let's get to it.

The Deep Dark Biome

The Deep Dark biome is a dangerous area to explore but it also has exciting rewards. You can find sculk blocks for decoration and move across Ancient City to collect rare items. But beware because the Deep Dark is also home to the Warden, the most dangerous mob in the entire game. When the Warden is summoned, it will trigger the darkness effect which will limit the player's vision. Here players can find Sculk Blocks, Sculk Veins, Sculk Shriekers, Sculk Sensors, and Sculk Catalysts.

Make sure to not summon the Warden while you are in here. This is an aggressive mob that relies on its sense of smell and hearing to locate its enemies. It is summoned using the Sculk shrieker.

The Mangrove Swamp Biome

This is another new biome added to the game and it is a pristine-looking area where players will find tadpoles, frogs and items like Mangrove Trees, Leaves, Logs, Planks, Propagule, Logs, Roots, Moss Carpets, and Propagules.

The biome is also home to Frog, another mob added in the update. They are a passive mob that can be grown from Tadpoles, which are another new addition to the game. Frogs give out Froglight every time they eat a magma cube. There are three variants of Froglight, which are Ochre (Swamp Frog), Pearlescent (Tropical Frog), and Verdant (Snowy Frog) Froglights.

Mud has also been added to the game. It is found in the Mangrove Biome. Players can also create mud using water bottles on dirt. Mud can be used to make packed mud and mud bricks.

A third mob called Allay has also been introduced in the Minecraft 1.19 update. Allay is a friendly mob that will help the player in seeking the same type of dropped item that it was given. It will only stop looking for the item once it has been taken away from it.

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