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    Realme GT Neo 3T
    Realme GT Neo 3T review: A power-packed deja vu
    The Realme GT Neo 3T plays on a unique race-flag design, an 80W fast charger and Snapdragon 870 to offer a powerful gaming option. But is it worth buying?
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    iQOO Z6 Lite 5G
    iQOO Z6 Lite 5G Review: Redefining Budget Phones
    The iQOO Z6 Lite 5G brings the impressive performance from the new Snapdragon 4 Gen 1 chipset priced at Rs. 13,999. Should you buy this? Read on to find out.
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    iPhone 14 Pro Max
    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review: Poster boy flaunts its muscles
    The iPhone 14 Pro Max refines an already solid phone and with its new cameras, it extends its lead. Should you buy it though?
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    Vivo V25 5G
    Vivo V25 5G Review: Basics done right!
    Vivo V25 5G Review: Vivo has tried to offer almost everything! Color-changing design, decent camera and battery life on the V25 5G. But is that enough? Read the review here.
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    Motorola Edge 30 Ultra
    Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Review: Terrific value!
    The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is a great flagship phone to live with, nailing the user experience unlike any other. Should you buy it?
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    Saints Row 2022
    Saints Row 2022 review: Fun if you don’t take it seriously
    Saints Row 2022 dials back the alien-fighting and zombie-killing spree, and takes you back to basics of comedy and drama. But does it deliver on the promise?
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    F1 22
    F1 22 Review: Brilliant racing experience
    F1 22 brings back the exhilarating on-track action to your PC but wants to be more of a “EA-lifestyle” game than a hardcore F1 game. Is it worth buying?
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    Apex Legends Mobile
    Apex Legends Mobile First Impressions: Time to ditch Garena Free Fire Max, BGMI
    Apex Legends Mobile is now out for players on Android and iOS starting today. The game is based on Apex Legends on PC and Console. Here are all the details.
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    Gibbons: Beyond The Trees
    Gibbons: Beyond The Trees (Apple Arcade) Review: Simple yet stunning
    Gibbons: Beyond The Trees is a simple yet beautiful narrative to make the most out of your ProMotion display on the iPhone 13 Pro. Here’s a short review.
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    Wylde Flowers
    Wylde Flowers review (on Apple Arcade): Social messaging with a dash of fun
    Wylde Flowers is the newest addition on Apple Arcade, bringing a comfy farm life simulator experience with strong social messaging. Must play for young gamers on iPhone.
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    Sony HT-S400
    Sony HT-S400 soundbar Review: Balanced sound at affordable price
    The Sony HT-S400 is a rather affordable home theater system from Sony with a 2.1 channel setup. Is it worth buying?
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    Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control
    Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control Review: THIS is truly smart
    The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control expands the luxury of voice control to non-smart devices. Does that make it truly smart? Find out.
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    LG SP11RA
    LG SP11RA Soundbar Review: Supreme cinema audio at home
    The LG SP11RA sound bar system carries an exorbitant price but offers a great home theatre experience. Here is our full review of the sounder system.
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    Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar
    Mivi Fort S60 Soundbar Review: Basics done right!
    With Bluetooth connectivity, remote control access, and two subwoofers system, does Mivi Fort S60 makes a good deal at Rs. 3,499? Find out in the review.
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    smart speaker comes with better audio quality.
    Sonos One review: The One you should try
    Sonos One offers an incredible sound quality along with smart technologies like Alexa and Google voice assistant. Check out what I have found after using it for weeks.
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    HP Omen 16
    HP Omen 16 Intel review: No-nonsense gaming machine
    The HP Omen 16 offers a solid mid-range gaming laptop with Intel Core i7-12700H processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. But should gamers be investing into it? Find out in our review.
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    Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G
    Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G Review: Best Core i5 laptop of 2022 yet
    The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G gets almost everything right with regards to the user experience. Is this the best Core i5 laptop to buy in 2022?
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    Asus ZenBook Pro 14 Duo
    Asus ZenBook Pro 14 Duo (2022) Review: King of versatility
    The Asus ZenBook Pro 14 Duo (2022) gets new firepower under the hood and design refinements from Asus. Is it worth buying over a MacBook Pro 14-inch?
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    Asus Zenbook 14 Flip OLED (UP5401)
    Asus Zenbook 14 Flip OLED (UP5401) Review: Great performance, good versatility!
    At a starting price of Rs. 99,990, Asus Zenbook 14 Flip OLED (UP5401) promises to offer great performance with elegance. Check details in our full review here.
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    Infinix INBook X1 Neo
    Infinix InBook X1 Neo Laptop Review: Budget laptops are getting great!
    The Infinix INBook X1 Neo offering decent overall performance is a considerable option under Rs. 25000. Check the full review here to know more.
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    Xiaomi Smart TV X50
    Xiaomi Smart TV X50 Review: Great 4K experience, stellar audio
    Xiaomi has just launched its Xiaomi Smart TV X50 as an affordable 4K TV series. But is it worth buying over all the other options in the market?
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    Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K TV
    Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K TV review: A splendid TV to spoil yourself
    The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K TV has impressed us with spectacular viewing experience and a great audio performance. Read our full review.
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    Sony Bravia XR A80K OLED
    Sony Bravia XR A80K OLED 55 Review: Some Sony brilliance on an OLED; Can it get better?
    The Sony Bravia XR A80K OLED offers the OLED viewing experience with Sony’s masterful tuning and a great TV to back it up with. Here is our full review.
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    Xiaomi OLED Vision TV
    Xiaomi OLED Vision TV Review: An unmatched viewing experience
    The Xiaomi OLED Vision TV is currently among the most affordable OLED TVs you can buy in India today. Should you though? Find out in our full review.
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    Sony Bravia X80K 65
    Sony Bravia X80K 65 Review: Impresses with its picture quality
    The Sony Bravia X80K 65 is a decent recommendation for someone willing to invest in a premium smart TV but should you choose it over QLED TVs? Find out in our full review.
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    Apple Watch Series 8
    Apple Watch Series 8 Review: Simply Excellent
    The Apple Watch Series 8 improves upon the already brilliant Series 7 from last year. Who should buy it, and why?
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    Realme Watch 3 Pro
    Realme Watch 3 Pro Review: A great combo of fitness and features on budget
    The Realme Watch 3 Pro offers almost every essential that a budget smartwatch needs - AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, health sensors, fitness trackers, and a lot more. Is it for you? Read here.
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    Sennheiser Momentum 4
    Sennheiser Momentum 4 Review: Sublime audio, astonishing battery life
    The Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones offer the classic Sennheiser audio tuning with improved ANC and stellar battery stamina. Here is our full review.
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    Dizo Watch R Talk
    Dizo Watch R Talk Review: Fast and Feature packed
    Dizo Watch R Talk offers plenty of fitness features at a not-so-premium price but is the smartwatch really worth it? Find out in our review.
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    Realme Buds Air 3S
    Realme Buds Air 3S Review: Sounds nice, looks cute
    The Realme Buds Air 3S is affordable, built nicely, and sounds good enough. Good enough for Rs. 2,499?
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