Navigating the battlegrounds like a pro! Top 3 vehicles to secure victory in BGMI

In the high-stakes world of BGMI, selecting the ideal vehicle is a game-changer. Discover the top rides for survival and speed.

| Updated on: Oct 02 2023, 07:28 IST
Redeem BGMI codes to get your hands on exciting freebies. Know how. (BGMI)
Redeem BGMI codes to get your hands on exciting freebies. Know how. (BGMI)

In the thrilling world of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), where sharp shooting and strategic looting reign supreme, survival hinges not only on your combat prowess but also on your ability to navigate the ever-shrinking battlefield. As the action unfolds and the safe zone dwindles, your choice of transportation becomes a pivotal factor in determining your fate. BGMI offers a diverse array of vehicles, each tailored to different needs, ensuring you can move swiftly and safely across the map. Here, we unveil the top-rated vehicles currently dominating the BGMI landscape:

1. UAZ

With a top speed of 115 km/h, the UAZ is a beloved choice among BGMI players. Its closed-top design provides reliable protection, boasting a formidable health pool of 1820 hit points. Notably resistant to fire and capable of maintaining stability on rough terrain, the UAZ is a constant and dependable companion in the battlegrounds.

2. Dacia

The sleek Dacia sedan reaches an impressive top speed of 139 km/h and can comfortably seat four occupants. Its robust health pool of 1800 hit points ensures a decent level of durability. However, maneuvering the Dacia on challenging off-road terrain can be a test of your driving skills, making it more suitable for well-paved roads in BGMI.

3. Mirado

For those exploring the arid landscapes of the Miramar map, the Mirado muscle sedan is a sight to behold. With a peppy top speed of 152 km/h and the ability to accommodate four passengers, the Mirado exudes strength with its hefty 2000 hit points. Be mindful, though, that its control on off-road paths may leave something to be desired.

In addition to these land-based options, consider boats as a viable means to reach your destination swiftly, especially if waterways offer a shorter route to the safe zone. Meanwhile, the Nusa map introduces an exhilarating alternative: ziplines, providing an adrenaline-pumping way to traverse the terrain. Keep in mind, however, that helicopters, while tempting, can be vulnerable to enemy fire and should be approached with caution.

When it comes to BGMI, mastering the art of vehicular navigation is just as crucial as honing your shooting skills. Choosing the right vehicle can mean the difference between emerging victorious or falling victim to the relentless battleground. So, as you gear up for your next BGMI adventure, keep these top vehicle choices in mind, and may the ride to victory be swift and secure.

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First Published Date: 02 Oct, 07:28 IST