Say What You See: This Google game will give you AI power! Learn how to write image prompts | How-to

Say What You See: This Google game will give you AI power! Learn how to write image prompts

A new Google game called Say What You See is designed to test and improve players' image-reading skills and AI prompt writing abilities. Know how to write image prompts.

| Updated on: Dec 28 2023, 14:00 IST
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Google Say What You See
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Google Say What You See
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Play the AI-powered Say What You See game on the Google Arts & Culture page. Know how. (Google)

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been monumental in the last few months. One of the primary applications of this technology has been the creation of AI conversational chatbots, programs that mimic human interaction via text or voice. From AI-powered chatbots to its incorporation into legacy apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, we're seeing its influence everywhere. However, there is one more underrated application of AI - image generation. Using AI image generation tools, artists can create visually striking artworks in a short span of time. While image generation does indeed work really well, it requires an understanding of prompts if you want it to generate the perfect image for you. So, if you're not well-versed in prompts, it can be quite head-scratching. However, Google has your back. With the Say What You See Google game, you can get AI power and become well-versed in it! Know how to write image prompts.

Google Say What You See: What is it?

The AI game, called Say What You See, is an experiment created by Jack Wild, an artist at Residence at the Google Arts & Culture Lab. Players need to look at Google AI-generated images and describe what they see. This will aid them in enhancing their image-reading skills as well as learning the art of prompt writing.

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The official description of the game reads, “Your descriptions will prompt an image inspired by the one you're observing but you only pass if you meet the visual threshold set for each level, putting your image-reading skills to the test. As you go, you'll receive tips on how to improve your prompt. Pay attention because you have three attempts for each image to pass, and each level gets a little harder.”

Google Say What You See: How to play

To play the Say What You See game, go to the Google Arts & Culture website and select ‘Say What You See'. After that, an image will appear on your screen. You now have to write a prompt of up to 120 characters that is likely to generate that image. When done, Google will display a percentage of resemblance. You will get three chances to write prompts for each image.

As you progress, the harder it will get. In the first level, players just need a 50 percent match, while the second level demands a 60 percent match, and so on. To craft your prompt to perfect, Google says players can include information about the medium, subject, and context, as well as the textures, materials used, and even the art period.

This experiment is “available in select countries and will be rolling out to more in the coming months”, Google says. So, go ahead and give your prompt writing skills a try!

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First Published Date: 28 Dec, 13:24 IST