Watch: Fake iPhone 6s on sale in China

It looks like Apple's new iPhone 6s, the packaging looks like the real thing too...but it's all fake. This version is on sale in the Chinese city of Shenzhen days ahead of the first deliveries of the real thing. And with a price tag of just 91 dollars it's a tenth of the cost. There are also some drawbacks with the fake version. It's slow for a new phone, and the photos it takes are fuzzy. But that appears to be no object for the counterfeiters. There's a wealth of stores sporting the Apple logo even though the company has only one official store and five authorised dealers in Shenzhen. Some of the fake stores have covered their Apple logos after a raid on one such premises a week earlier.

| Updated on: Sep 23 2015, 16:26 IST
First Published Date: 23 Sep, 16:21 IST