Slow laptop fix: Here is how to give it a booster shot - 5 tips | How-to

Slow laptop fix: Here is how to give it a booster shot - 5 tips

Slow laptop fix: For all those people who have a slow laptop, here is how they can actually get it to speed up considerably.

| Updated on: Nov 15 2021, 12:34 IST
Slow laptop fix: Here are five simple tips to boost your slow laptop and make it a joy to use.
Slow laptop fix: Here are five simple tips to boost your slow laptop and make it a joy to use. (Pixabay)

Slow laptop fix: Is your laptop working at the speed of a turtle? Nowadays, with people working from home due to the pandemic, when no tech guy is on hand, it must really be frustrating. This can cause you a number of problems including being late to join important meetings or not being able to finish your assignment on time. Buying a new laptop is not really the solution for most people. However, there is something that you can do and it is not that difficult to implement from the comfort of your home.

Slow laptop fix: 5 tips to boost speed

1. Number of tabs opened? Close unnecessary ones

Does your tab bar in the browser look like a train bogeys lined up one behind the other? Everyone loves to keep their working tabs handy in front of their eyes while browsing or working continuously, but do remember that the more tabs opened in your browser, the more the stress on your RAM or processor. Hence, your device will work slow. So do remember to close those unnecessary tabs which are just taking space in your tab bar instead of being any productive. In fact, this also shows that you are not very good at finishing a task and that you leave things opending for later. Shut tabs down and keep only the ones that you will immediately use open.

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2. Uninstall unused programs

Do you feel that there are few programs in your laptop which you downloaded months ago, but never used? Uninstall them right now! This is the most simple and effective method to free up the resources which are of no use.

3. Keep check on background programs

No matter whether you use them or not, but there are a number of hidden programs running in the background of your device and this can be the prime reason for your laptop's resources being used for the wrong purpose. Go to task manager by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Esc together, and check which are the unnecessary programs running in the background. Click right on the program which you want to close and click 'End Task'.

4. Restart your device

Restarting your laptop may seem like a very simple thing. But remember, simple is best. Restarting your laptop can clear the temporary cache memory and allows your device to start working fresh. Do remember to update your Operating System whenever you get the notification to update your device. This can also be the reason for your slow laptop performance, so do update regularly.

5. Startup apps

Does your laptop automatically open a few programs when you switch it on? These are Startup apps which will silently build up over time and can affect your laptop's performance over time. Close these unnecessary startup programs, similarly as you closed your background programs. Go to task manager by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Esc and go to the expanded view and navigate to the ‘Startup' tabs and close them. Enjoy the boosted performance of your laptop.


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First Published Date: 15 Nov, 12:34 IST