Samsung launches The Wall with 0.8mm pixel pitch technology

Prices start from 3.5 crore, no, we aren’t kidding

The Wall comes in three sizes starting from a 146-inch one and going up to 292 inches
The Wall comes in three sizes starting from a 146-inch one and going up to 292 inches (Samsung)

Samsung has just launched The Wall, a modular MicroLED display with 0.8mm pixel pitch technology. The display is going to be available in three sizes and visual definitions - 146 inch (370.8 cm) in 4K, a 219 inch (556.3 cm) in 6K and a 292 inch (741.7 cm) in 8K definition.

The Wall is ideal for brighter areas and bigger spaces. It is 30mm slim with a bezel-less display and an infinity design. It also comes with customisable deco frames that helps the display blend in with its surroundings.

It also comes with AI up-scaling, Quantum HDR technology, a peak brightness of 2,000 nits and 120Hz video rate. The LEDs have a 100,000-hour lifetime so you can actually leave The Wall constantly on and use it as a digital canvas to display paintings, photographs, videos etc.

The Wall comes with Quantum Processor Flex enabled with an AI picture quality engine. This Quantum Processor Flex is a machine learning-based picture quality engine that analyses image data to calibrate the original low-res image according to the display. It can be connected to any OS through a physical HDMI input.

Besides sizes, The Wall comes in two options - The Wall Luxury and the The Wall Pro. The Luxury option is made for home cinema and gaming and comes with an Ambient and Entertainment mode. It also has all the features you find in a smart TV and comes with a display controller. The Pro is aimed at high-end business and retail spaces and is as customisable as the Luxury version. The display controller that comes with the Pro is equipped with business features that are used by enterprises for presentations etc.

There is no cutting corners with The Wall, especially when it comes to prices. The prices start at 3.5 crores and goes up to whopping 12 crores - exclusive of taxes. The 146-inch, 219-inch and the 292-inch variants will be available in India from today and will be available from Samsung's Executive Briefing Centre in Gurgaon.

In case you are planning to buy one, you can reserve a private viewing before you make your choice.