Android Pie: 5 ways Google is changing your mobile experience

Android Pie will keep track of user preferences and habits on its own, so it can adjust the phone's settings accordingly.

1- Suggestions as per users' needs -Then there is App Actions, which uses AI to predict what users will do next and open apps and actions which it thinks users would like to see.

2- Navigation made easy

Google has removed the overview button with swipe up gesture from the edge of the screen. This will open a full- screen preview of recently used apps running in background.

Users will also be able to carry out actions such as smart text selection on an app from the overview.

3- Designed for users' well beings

To help users overcome their Smartphone addiction, Android P will allow users to review their usage pattern through a page called Dashboard. Here users can see how they have been interacting with their Smartphone.

5- Improved security

With Android Pie users will have access to new security tool called Android Protected Confirmation.

| Updated on: Aug 07 2018, 17:25 IST
First Published Date: 07 Aug, 16:59 IST
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