10 best heaters for room: Check Morphy Richards, Havells and more to keep warm in chilly winters | Home Appliances News

10 best heaters for room: Check Morphy Richards, Havells and more to keep warm in chilly winters

Want to beat the freezing winters? Check these 10 best heaters for room from top brands including Morphy Richards, Havells, and more.

| Updated on: Jan 08 2024, 18:09 IST
 10 best heaters for room
Check the list of 10 best heaters for room during the winter months. (Amazon)
 10 best heaters for room
Check the list of 10 best heaters for room during the winter months. (Amazon)

10 best heaters for room: We have entered January, which is known as the coldest month in the winter season in North India. With temperatures dropping every day in most of the areas, the necessity for room heaters has drastically increased. Especially for people living in North India, getting relief from the harsh cold is of utmost importance. Therefore, to beat the freezing cold, a room heater becomes something of a survival kit to keep surroundings warm and comfortable. If you are someone who is looking for the best heaters for your room then we have compiled a list of 10 room heaters from top brands such as Morphy Richards, Havells, Bajaj, and more to narrow down your research. Check out these 10 best heaters for room to make the right purchase for the rest of the winter.

List of Best Selling Products

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Product Ratings Price
COMFYHOME 72Cm 2000/1000 Watts Ptc Ceramic Room Heater For Home W/Remote,12H Timer,Overheat&Tip-Over Protection,Isi Approved,Electric Fan Heater Ideal For Small&Medium Area Up To 300 Sq.Ft,Black 3.4/5 ₹ 5,950
Morphy Richards OFR Room Heater, 09 Fin 2000 Watts Oil Filled Room Heater , ISI Approved (OFR 9 Grey) 3.8/5 ₹ 6,758
Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater (Grey) 4.1/5 ₹ 1,430
Bajaj RHX-2 Halogen Heater|2 Heat Settings-400W/800W|Noiseless Operation|DuraElement™ With 1-Yr Heating Element Warranty by Bajaj|Convection Room Heater For Winter|2-Yr Warranty By Bajaj|Black 3.7/5 ₹ 1,129
Havells Comforter Room Heater 2000 Watt with Overheat Protection, Adjustable Thermostat Control Knob &Adjustable Vent for Air Delivery (White and Black) 4/5 ₹ 4,290
Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater For Home|Stainless Steel Heat Reflector|Nickel Chrome Mesh|Adjustable Thermostat||1000W Ceramic Heater For Winter|Electric Heater For Room|2-Yr Warranty By Bajaj|Black 4.1/5 ₹ 820
Amazon Brand - Solimo 2000/1000 Watts Room Heater with Adjustable Thermostat (ISI certified, White colour, Ideal for small to medium room/area) 3.9/5 ₹ 981
Bajaj Blow Hot Portable Room Heater For Bedroom |2 Heat Settings-1000W/2000W|Ideal Room Heater For Winter|Easy Mobility|Compact Design|Auto-Thermal Cut-Off|2-Yr Warranty By Bajaj| White Color 3.9/5 ₹ 1,399
Borosil Volcano 9 Fin OFR | 3 Power Heating Mode, 2400W Oil Filter Filled Radiator Room Heater | Noiseless Operation, PTC Fan | 2 Years Warranty, Black 4/5 ₹ 8,968
Havells OFR 11 Fin OFR 2900 Watt with 3 Heat Setting DUO Tech PTC & OFR (Black) 4/5 ₹ 8,965
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Things to consider when buying heaters for room

  • There are various types of heaters present in the market such as Fan heaters, radiant heaters, oil heaters, etc, therefore, choose the one which suits your requirements the best.
  • Check the features it provides such as balancing humid levels, temperature monitoring, weight, mobility, and other factors. So, thoroughly check its special features to make full use of the room heater.

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  • The important thing one should consider is the budget, note that room heaters are available in budget as well as premium ranges and therefore, pick the one that suits your room type best.
  • Check the heating speed of the room heater, to ensure that it warms it quickly without using too much electricity. This will also help you reduce the power bill.

10 Best heaters for room

  1. Comfyhome Ceramic Room Heater:



The first on the list of best heaters for room is the Comfyhome heater which comes with various advanced features. It is Powered by advanced PTC ceramic heating technology for quicker and more efficient warming and operating at 230V. It features robust 3500 RPM built-in fans which swiftly reach 20 degrees Celsius, distributing warm air in just 2 seconds. Additionally, the built-in fan can cool the machine during cool mode, extending the heater's lifespan.

It's 50 percent more energy-efficient than typical 2000W heaters. It comes with a built-in intelligent thermostat through which you can optimize energy consumption and maximize efficiency. For every hour of use, you'll pocket an extra Rs.10 in your wallet. This room heater offers automatic 40 degree horizontal oscillation alongside a user-adjustable 30 degree vertical swing, ensuring even heating distribution and it covers up to 300 sq. ft. It offers a smart top control panel and a remote control for easy usage. It also features automatic overheat shutdown at 100 degrees Celsius to prevent overheating, along with anti-tip protection for added safety.


Heat output: 1000W/2000W
Room size: 300 sq. ft
Special features: automatic overheat shutdown, anti-tip protection, air outlet grill, double switch, more.
Warranty: 1 year

2. Morphy Richards OFR Room Heater:


The next on the list of best heaters for room is the Morphy Richards OFR which has an attractive design and features to warm your room in minutes. It comes with an oil-filled radiator with 9 fins that will ensure that the warmth reaches the farthest corners of your room. The thin fins allow the heat to be transferred more rapidly from the heater into the room, raising the temperature in the room in just a few minutes.

It Boasts a 2000-watt power output which effectively delivers warmth and comfort in a range of spaces. It comes with an adjustable thermostat to maintain the desired room temperature, therefore, you have to maintain the temperature manually as it does not support touch or remort control.

Heat output: 2000W
Room size: 200 sq. ft.
Special features:  9 fins,  adjustable thermostat 
Warranty: 1 year

3. Orpat OEH Heater:



The Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater is a specialised spot heating solution, perfect for small to medium-sized rooms up to 250 sq ft. Its non-sagging, stitching-type, long-life heating element ensures not only efficiency but also long-lasting warmth. With two heat settings (1000 watts and 2000 watts), you have the flexibility to customise the heating intensity to your preference, making it one of the best heaters for room which is available.

Prioritising safety, this heater incorporates multiple features such as a safety mesh grill, auto-revolving heater, overheat protection, touch sensor, and thermal cut-off. These features enhance its safety profile, ensuring secure operation. Additionally, this versatile heater can also be used as a fan. It's important to note, however, that it generates some noise during operation, and detailed information about dimensions and warranty is limited. Nevertheless, the Orpat OEH-1260 offers customizable and safe heating for a comfortable living space.

Heat output: 2000 watts
Room size: 250 sq ft
Special features: safety mesh grill, auto-revolving heater, overheat protection, touch sensor
Warranty: 1- year

4. Bajaj RHX-2 Halogen Heater:



The fourth on the list of the 10 best heaters for room is the Bajaj RHX-2 Halogen Heater. It is a reliable and efficient heating solution with 2 heat settings (400W/800W) designed to keep you warm during winter. Operating at a rated voltage of 230V, this heater delivers efficient and effective performance for a cosy living space.

Its design is fortified with the enduring strength of DuraElement, showcasing a robust build that ensures durability. The 800 watts heat output provides ample warmth for your room, making it an ideal convection room heater.

Safety is a top priority with the inclusion of a tip-over switch, responding to any tilting and ensuring a secure environment for your comfort. The heater operates with noiseless operation, enhancing your overall experience.

Backed by a 2-year warranty by Bajaj, this halogen heater also features an exclusive 1-year heating element warranty under Bajaj DuraElement, providing assurance of its quality and reliability. Embrace winter warmth with the Bajaj RHX-2 Halogen Heater in sleek black for a stylish and secure heating solution.

Heat output: 800 watts
Room size:  250 sq. ft.
Special features: Safety features, noiseless operation 
Warranty: 2-Year Warranty by Bajaj

5. Havells Comforter Room Heater:



The next on the list of best heaters for room is Havells Comforter It comes with two heat settings at 1400 W and 2000 W respectively so that the user can choose different options depending upon the climatic condition. It comes with a feature which automatically switches off if it goes beyond the desired temperature.

It offers a 2000 W power consumption and 230 V power input. It features an adjustable Thermostat Control Knob and an Adjustable Vent for Air Delivery which enables users to adjust the vent angle to make sure it can provide you with smooth air delivery. This comforter from Havells comes with a cool touch body with a cool fan function.

Heat output: 1400 W/2000 W
Room size: 150  sq. ft.
Special features: Double safety over-heat protection, Adjustable Vent 
Warranty: 1 Year

6. Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater:



The sixth on the list of 10 best heaters for room is the Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater. This 1000 Watts heater features a Stainless Steel Heat Reflector and Nickel Chrome Mesh, ensuring durability and efficient performance in small spaces.

You can now experience the advanced Heating Tech designed for instant warmth, catering specifically to the needs of compact environments. The 1.5-meter cord enhances flexibility while prioritizing safety, contributing to a secure and convenient heating solution. Furthermore, this room heater provides hassle-free functionality with the convenience of its neat and clean operation.

This Electric Heater for Room, is equipped with an Adjustable Thermostat for personalized temperature control. With a robust 2-year warranty, this Ceramic Heater for Winter guarantees not only warmth but also peace of mind, making it a reliable and stylish choice for your home.

Heat output: 1000 Watts
Room size:  200 sq. ft.
Special features: safety features, hassle-free functionality, clean operation
Warranty: 2 years

7. Amazon Brand - Solimo:



Also on this best heaters for room list is the Solimo heater which is perfect for small to medium-sized room. It features a powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor for quick heating and can be used vertically or horizontally. It is a 2 KW heater which will consume 2 units per hour when operated on a high heat setting. It has an air throw range of 10 feet which is ideal for small to medium sized rooms. It offers three settings: Cool, Warm or Hot wind which can be selected through the Adjustable Thermostat. It offers a 2000 W power consumption and 220V to 240V power input.

Solimo Room Heater is equipped to be safe from overheating, designed to automatically switch the motor off if it reaches temperatures of 130° C. Also present is a safety fuse which goes off when the heater reaches temperatures of 126° C. It provides effective heating with its copper winded motor which gives 2400 rotations per minute.

Heat output: 2000 W
Room size: 250-300 sq. ft.
Special features: safety features, Adjustable Thermostat
Warranty:  1 Year

8. Bajaj Blow Hot Portable Room Heater:



It is a versatile and efficient heating solution designed to provide targeted warmth for rooms up to 250 sq ft. With its 2000-watt heat output, this heater is suitable for smaller to medium-sized rooms, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms. Its compact design and easy mobility ensure convenience in placement, allowing you to enjoy warmth where you need it most.

The heating technology of this portable room heater incorporates a motor made from 100% pure copper wire, ensuring prolonged durability and optimal performance. It offers two heat settings of 1000 watts and 2000 watts, allowing you to personalize your warmth according to your comfort needs. The automatic thermal cut-off enhances safety, providing an additional layer of protection against overheating.

Safety is a paramount feature, and the advanced safety cut-off mechanism adds an extra layer of security and reliability to the device. The white color and sleek design add a touch of elegance to your living space.

Backed by a 2-year warranty from Bajaj, this portable room heater delivers not only efficient heating but also peace of mind regarding its durability and performance.

Heat output:  1000 watts and 2000 watts
Room size:  250 sq ft
Special features: advanced safety cut-off, heat personalization
Warranty: 2 years

9. Borosil Volcano 9:



The next on the list of best heaters for room is the Borosil Volcano 9 which comes with some unique features. The heater comes with 9 fins and 2400 W of power which efficiently heats up and the in-built fan helps to disseminate the heat to the room. The room heater is equipped with 3 heat settings and an adjustable thermostat, you can customize the temperature according to your heating needs. It also offers noiseless operations which enables users to use it during work, entertainment or sleep, it won't hinder the ambience in any way.

The OFR will automatically switch off if they are accidentally knocked over or operated without proper installation. For easy mobility, handles have been provided in front and at the back of the room heater.

Heat output: 2400 Watt
Room size: 300 sq. ft.
Special features: 3 heat settings, noiseless operations, safety features
Warranty: 2 Years

10. Havells OFR 11:



The last in the list of best heaters for room is the Havells OFR 11 which comes with some amazing features which will help you beat the freezing temperatures. The heater features 3 Power Settings which are 1000, 1500, and 2500 Watts with an additional 400 Watts Heater + Fan setting. It comes with thermostatic heat control and the heater has a power input of 230 V.

It is equipped with a PTC fan, so this room heater can rapidly and efficiently heat your room. It automatically shuts off if it falls over, ensuring optimal safety. By controlling heat with a thermostat, this room heater can efficiently heat your room based on its temperature.


Heat output: 2900 W
Room size: -
Special features: PTC fan, safety features
Warranty: 2 years
Top 3 features for you
ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Comfyhome Ceramic Room Heate2000W powerautomatic overheat shutdownEven heating distribution
Morphy Richards OFR Room Heater9 finsAdjustable thermostat2000W power
Orpat OEH HeaterSafety mesh grillOverheat protectionTouch sensor
Bajaj RHX-2 Halogen HeaterNoiseless operation2 years warrantyDuraElement
Havells Comforter Room HeaterAdjustable Thermostat Adjustable vent

2000W power


Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room HeaterStainless Steel Heat ReflectorSafety featuresAdjustable Thermostat
Amazon Brand - SolimoThree heat settings10 feet air throwOverheat protection
Bajaj Blow Hot Portable Room HeaterOverheat protection2000W powerSetting personalization
Borosil Volcano 92400 W powerAdjustable Thermostat OFR technology
Havells OFR 113 Power SettingsPTC fanOverheat protection

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