iPhone 13 Pro can now detect doors! See how it can help those with disabilities

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro series models get door detection feature. Apple also brings several Accessibility features to its ecosystem.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 12:25 IST
Apple adds Door Detection and Apple Watch Mirroring features as part of its latest Accessibility features.
Apple adds Door Detection and Apple Watch Mirroring features as part of its latest Accessibility features.

Going forward, your iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro will be able to detect doors! As part of Apple's new suite of features to help people with disabilities, Apple is introducing the Door Detection feature on the iPhone. The feature is intended to help with people with low vision, or those who are blind. The feature will be able to locate doors and use voice to determine whether the door is open or closed, and if its closed, how can it be opened — it can tell wether you can push it, pull it, or turn a knob. The feature will also be able to read signs and symbols around a door.

Door Detection will be available in the Magnifier app in the detection mode, and also alongside the People Detection mode as well as Image Descriptions. Note that for those feature to work, you will need an iPhone with a LiDAR sensor at the back. Hence, the only iPhones that support this feature for now include the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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That's not all though. Apple has introduced a couple of other features for those with disabilities.

Apple brings more Accessibility features

The next big feature here involves the Apple Watch, which could help people with physical and motor disabilities. It is called the Apple Watch Mirroring that allows them to control the watch from their paired iPhone. “With Apple Watch Mirroring, users can control Apple Watch using iPhone's assistive features like Voice Control and Switch Control, and use inputs including voice commands, sound actions, head tracking, or external Made for iPhone switches as alternatives to tapping the Apple Watch display,” says Apple.

The Quick Actions on Apple Watch now lets you do a double-pinch gesture to answer or end a phone call, dismiss a notification, take a photo, play or pause media in the Now Playing app, and start, pause, or resume a workout.

Lastly, Apple also adds Live Captions to iPhone, iPad and Mac for those unable to hear. As the name suggests, the iPhone, iPad or Mac will simply create a live transcription of whatever is said on the phone, so that the person can read in real-time what is being said. This is similar to the Live Caption on Android phones.”Users can follow along more easily with any audio content — whether they are on a phone or FaceTime call, using a video conferencing or social media app, streaming media content, or having a conversation with someone next to them. Users can also adjust font size for ease of reading. Live Captions in FaceTime attribute auto-transcribed dialogue to call participants, so group video calls become even more convenient for users with hearing disabilities,” says Apple.

Additionally, the VoiceOver screen reader is adding support for 20 new languages, which includes Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

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First Published Date: 18 May, 09:24 IST