Some Apple iPhone X users are facing incoming call glitch

iPhone X users are unable to answer calls as the screen lights up only after ten seconds.

Apple is currently working on fixing the incoming call issue for iPhone X
Apple is currently working on fixing the incoming call issue for iPhone X (REUTERS)

Apple iPhone X users took to the company's forum to complain about the display issue.

An iPhone X user writes, "Whenever i receive an incoming call in my iphone x, ringtones starts but the display come sin after 6-8 seconds. Whenever i restart my iphone x the problems gets automatically solved and after 15-20 calls the same problem starts again. I have performed the hard reset as well as the soft reset of my iphone x but it was of no use."

More iPhone X users followed saying that they're facing the same issue.Some users on Apple's forum have suggested doing a full wipeout of the phone and re-installing the latest iOS 11.2 update. This seems to have solved the display glitch for some iPhone X users.

In the meanwhile, Apple's older iPhone 7 is also plagued with a hardware problem. Some iPhone 7 users were unable to connect to cellular networks after switching their device from 'Airplane Mode'. Instead, users are shown the message 'No Service' on their devices. Apple has responded to the issue saying that this is "due to a component that has failed on the main logic board".

Apple has also clarified that the affected iPhone 7 units were the ones sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and the US and manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018. Apple has started a free repair program for these affected iPhone 7 units.

Apple is currently working on its next software update, iOS 11.3. Among the new features iOS 11.3 will bring, it will also give users the ability to manage the battery usage on their iPhones. Available for iPhone 6 and above, iOS 11.3 will show the iPhone's battery health and alert users on when to replace them accordingly.

Apple had recently admitted to throttling down older iPhones' performance so as to keep with future software updates.