Wow! NASA teleports first human into Space! Man holoported to the International Space Station

NASA has teleported a doctor to Space via holoportation! Know all about this new technique for virtual travel.

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 11:42 IST
NASA teleports first human into Space
NASA made it possible to virtually put the first human into space. (NASA)
NASA teleports first human into Space
NASA made it possible to virtually put the first human into space. (NASA)

Virtual travel to space is possible! Thanks to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which did it through what it calls the “holoport”. NASA virtually teleported a doctor hundreds of kilometres into space via holoportation. This also meant that this was the first human from teleported from Earth into space. The project happened late last year. In this remarkable development, NASA's flight surgeon Dr. Josef Schmid, who is the industry partner of AEXA Aerospace CEO Fernando De La Pena Llaca and their team members, is orbiting a space laboratory, the International Space Station (ISS), NASA revealed. So, what is ‘holoportation'? How does it work? NASA answers all the queries. Read on.

What is ‘holoportation'?

Dr. Schmid explains that Holoportation is a type of imaging technique that permits high-quality 3D models of humans to be reconstructed, compressed, and broadcast in real-time anywhere. When used in connection with mixed reality displays like the HoloLens, users may see, hear, and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they really were physically present in the same place. Microsoft has been using holoportation since at least 2016, but this is the first time it has been used in such an extreme and remote setting as space.

Due to the holoportation, a European Space Agency's astronaut Thomas Pesquet held a two-way chat with live images of Dr. Schmid and his teammate De La Pena placed in the middle of the International Space Station using the Microsoft Hololens Kinect camera and a personal computer with special software from AEXA. This was the first time in history when someone from Earth met an astronaut as if they were right beside them.

Future plans of NASA for holoportation

NASA is referring to the holoportation as a new form of communication as a staging point for wider usage on future missions. The next step is to employ this technology for two-way communication, in which people on Earth will be holoported to space and astronauts will be returned to Earth. “We'll use this for our private medical conferences, private psychiatric conferences, private family conferences and to bring VIPs onto the space station to visit with astronauts.”

NASA further shared its plan to integrate holoportation with augmented reality to fully enable Tele-mentoring. NASA said that Holoportation could have great implications on the future of deep space travel. Also, it has some direct applications on Earth. Such as it will bring people together in situations and places such as Antarctica, offshore oil rigs or military operation theaters.

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First Published Date: 15 Apr, 17:45 IST