Valorant: Beginners tips and tricks to enhance gaming experience

Start your Valorant journey with helpful tips and tricks. Check out these beginners' tips to get started and quickly get the hang of things.

| Updated on: Aug 14 2023, 09:38 IST
Beginner Valorant tips to take your gaming experience to the next level. (Valorant / Twitter)
Beginner Valorant tips to take your gaming experience to the next level. (Valorant / Twitter)

Valorant was launched in the year 2020 in a PC version and is now known as one of the world's biggest first-person shooter (FPS) games. With the game being popular, many newcomers will be seen, however, they may struggle to adapt to its fast gaming and it can be stressful. If you have recently started your Valorant game journey then you must check out these tips to enhance your gaming experience.

Valorant tips and tricks

Choose weapons wisely

Choosing the right weapon is a tricky task because in each game you face a different situation. Therefore, in the beginning, as you'll not have enough rewards to buy a top gun, pick the available gun and learn about its mechanisms by practising. You can also check out our report on top Valorant guns to understand how they work. Once you get hold of the guns, you'll be able to purchase top guns which will come with more abilities and damage capabilities.

Get used to gun recoil

It doesn't matter which firearm you choose, you must learn the recoil and rate of fire of the weapon until you are comfortable with it. In the beginning, stick to one gun and get used to its workings, doing so will help you react faster.

According to Redbull's reports. when a gun recoils, the initial nine bullets force the gun downward. In order to address this, you need to adjust your aim by moving your mouse in the opposite direction.

Adjust the crosshair placement

In any FPS, adjusting crosshairs as per personal preference is important. Know in what ways you are comfortable and adjust your gunplay accordingly. You can customize the colour, format, and visual style of the crosshairs to make them more useful in your game strategy. There are many different types of games, and a single crosshair configuration does not fit all of them. Therefore, you need to practice often to get hold of what suits your gameplay.

Crouch while shooting

The experienced or “Pro-player” always aim for a headshot to get more damage or even kill the opponent. Therefore, while starting the game you must understand how your enemy team is playing. As a beginner, always crouch to have safe gameplay and to avoid getting killed at an early stage.

Communicate with teammates

Teamwork is dream work. Make sure you are communicating with your teammates and discussing every move of attack together to lead your team to victory. Always discuss and plan strategies to work together as a team.

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First Published Date: 14 Aug, 08:41 IST