BGMI Payload 2.0: Essential tips and tactics for success in the revamped mode

Unlock the secrets of BGMI Payload 2.0 with essential tips! From breaking sealed doors to drone warfare, master the game's upgraded features for ultimate victory.

| Updated on: Nov 19 2023, 16:37 IST
Tips and tactics to master and dominate the BGMI Payload 2.0 battle royale arena. (battlegroundsmobilein_official)
Tips and tactics to master and dominate the BGMI Payload 2.0 battle royale arena. (battlegroundsmobilein_official)

Unleash the full potential of BGMI Payload 2.0, the revamped edition of Payload mode that introduces thrilling enhancements to the classic battle royale experience. With heavier weaponry, flying vehicles, and armoured transports, this mode promises intense gameplay. Dive into the action fully prepared with these must-know tips and tricks to dominate the game.

Essential Strategies for Success in BGMI Payload 2.0

1. Strategic Landing: Upon landing, prioritise picking up weapons, military vests, and helmets. Secure a superweapon like a missile launcher for added firepower.

2. Breaking the Seal: Locate a house with sealed windows and enter the building. Discover a special room with an iron door that can't be breached using conventional weapons. Employ the RPG-7 Rocket Launcher, M134 Minigun, or grenade launcher to break through and loot valuable armors and gear.

3. Drone Warfare: Loot a UAV control terminal to unleash a combat drone equipped with missile attacks. Use it to gain a tactical advantage over opponents.

4. Portable Radar Advantage: Utilise the Portable Radar to track nearby vehicle movements and stay one step ahead of the competition.

5. Airborne Advantage: Seize the armed helicopter for swift mobility and reconnaissance. Be cautious and exit the helicopter when alerted, as it might be targeted by tracking missiles.

6. Land or Sea Arsenal: If the helicopter is taken, opt for an armed pickup armed with a machine gun, capable of taking down helicopters and other vehicles. Alternatively, secure an armed UAZ with a flamethrower, which also functions as a boat.

7. Super Weapon Crates: Keep an eye out for Super Weapon Crates appearing after a certain time. Head to marked spots for high-tier gear or engage in strategic camping to eliminate enemies.

8. Airdrop Distraction: If you possess the UAV control terminal, use it during a Plane Airdrop to call the UAZ. The noise acts as cover, preventing enemies from pinpointing your location.

9. Bomb Suit Defence: Safeguard yourself against bomb and missile damage by picking up the bomb suit.

Equip yourself with these invaluable tips to rise to the top in BGMI Payload 2.0 and experience the enhanced intensity of battle royale gameplay.

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First Published Date: 19 Nov, 13:15 IST