Want to organize your iPhone 15 home screen? Know how to use widgets

If you like to keep the home screen of your iPhone 15 organized, you can try these widgets.

| Updated on: Oct 24 2023, 14:52 IST
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iPhone 15 widgets
1/5 Apple recently launched its new iPhone 15, however, people are already talking about the iPhone 16 launch, which is slated for the Fall of 2024. This year, Apple has introduced a titanium chassis for its iPhone 15 Pro model and next year we may see the same titanium frame. iPhone 16 may also come with solid-state buttons that use haptic feedback. According to Tom’s Guide, the iPhone 16 Pro may feature a new capture button too. (Photo by Patrick T. Fallon / AFP) (AFP)
iPhone 15 widgets
2/5 Apple with iPhone 16 may come up with a new camera setup. The iPhone 16 Pro is rumoured to feature a tetraprism telephoto lens for improved zooming range. Its ultrawide lens may get an upgrade from 12MP to 48MP,which may significantly boost the camera performance. September 12, 2023. REUTERS/Loren Elliott/File Photo (REUTERS)
iPhone 15 widgets
3/5 Apple analyst Jeff Pu reported that the iPhone 16 Pro may feature the new A18 Pro system-on-chip that may come with new features. Additionally, Apple may adopt Wi-Fi 7 in the iPhone 16 Pro for faster download and upload speeds, as well as improved performance.(Photo by Patrick T. Fallon / AFP) (AFP)
iPhone 15 widgets
4/5 According to previous trends, the iPhone 16 Pro launch is expected to be in September. Right now, it's too early to come up with an exact date as the company is still working on the development, but it may well be on a Tuesday. Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg (Bloomberg)
iPhone 15 widgets
5/5 Apple, after a long time, increased the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max by $100. So, it may do the same with the iPhone 16 version, however, there is no surety of what prices Apple may impose. Well have to wait till the launch to confirm its specs and pricing.  REUTERS/Aly Song (REUTERS)
iPhone 15 widgets
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Widgets are an excellent way to personalize and optimize your iPhone 15 experience. (HT Tech)

Widgets have revolutionized the way we interact with our iPhones, making life more convenient and productive. Imagine getting a glimpse of your day's schedule, checking your emails, or receiving important updates without even opening an app. Apple users can now enjoy this feature and tailor their home screens to their preferences. Know about various tips and tricks to use widgets on your iPhone 15 home screen:

Adding Widgets to Your Home Screen

Customizing your iPhone's home screen is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to add widgets:

Access Widget Gallery: Touch and hold a blank area of your iPhone home screen until the apps start jiggling.

Select a Widget: Tap the plus sign in the upper left-hand corner to open the widget gallery. You can either use the search bar to find a specific app or scroll to your desired app.

Choose Widget Size and Style: Once you select the app, you'll see various widget sizes and styles. Swipe left to find the one that suits you best. Remember, larger widgets can display more information.

Add the Widget: After choosing your preferred widget, tap "Add Widget."

Position the Widget: While your apps are still jiggling, use your finger to move the widget to your desired spot on the home screen.

Finalize: Tap "Done."

You can also customize or edit your widgets by touching and holding a widget until a menu pops up and clicking the "Edit Widget" option.

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Creating Widget Stacks

If you want to keep your home screen organized while enjoying the benefits of multiple widgets, widget stacks are the solution. Here's how to create one:

Add Widgets: Follow the steps mentioned above to add a widget to your screen.

Stack Widgets: Add another widget of the same size to the same screen.

Stack Widgets: While your apps and widgets are jiggling, drag one widget on top of the other.

Finalize: Tap "Done."

You can stack up to ten widgets and easily scroll through them by swiping up or down. Remember to create stacks with widgets of the same size for the best results. To rearrange widgets within a stack, hold the stack until a menu appears, click the "Edit Stack" option, and drag and drop widgets as needed.

Creating a Smart Stack

For a dynamically curated collection of widgets that adapt to your location, time, and frequently used apps, consider adding a Smart Stack. It's simple to set up:

Access Widget Gallery: Touch and hold a blank area of your iPhone home screen until the apps start jiggling.

Select Smart Stack: Tap the plus sign and choose "Smart Stack" from the list.

Choose a Smart Stack Widget: Swipe left to find the Smart Stack widget that suits you.

Add the Widget: After selecting your preferred Smart Stack widget, tap "Add Widget."

Position the Widget: While your apps are still jiggling, move the Smart Stack widget to your preferred location on the home screen.

Finalize: Tap "Done."

Like custom widget stacks, you can scroll through the widgets in a Smart Stack by swiping up or down. To change the order of widgets within a Smart Stack, follow the same process as you would for custom widget stacks.

Removing Widgets

If you ever decide to streamline your home screen by removing widgets, it's just as simple as adding them. Here are two methods to do so:

Method 1:

1-Go to the screen with the widget you'd like to delete.

2-Touch and hold a blank area of the screen until your apps and widgets start jiggling.

3-Tap the circle with a minus sign in the top left corner of the widget you want to delete.

4-Click "Remove" in the pop-up window.

Method 2:

1-Find the widget you want to remove.

2-Press and hold the widget until a menu pops up.

3-Click “Remove Widget”.

Now that you're a pro at adding and removing widgets, you can explore more iPhone tricks to make your life easier, such as stopping spam texts and taking screenshots.

Widgets are an excellent way to personalize and optimize your iPhone experience. Whether you prefer a neatly organized home screen or a dynamic Smart Stack, these tools can help you make the most of your digital life. Enjoy the convenience and productivity that widgets bring to your iPhone.

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First Published Date: 24 Oct, 14:52 IST