Giving lingo a tw(itter)ang!

Twitter lingo is making inroads into day-to-day conversation.

The micro-blogging website, Twitter has messed up many a tongue;for they now only talk in 'Twit lingo'. With celebrities, thinkers and upwardly mobile youth taking to the social networking portal in bulk, the slang is making inroads into day-to-day conversation. Here's introducing you to a few Twitter-related terms…Tweeps/Twizens —

People on Twitter
Twirgin — New Twitter junkie
Twitterati — Twitter fanatics
Twiddle — A Twitter-based riddleBRTWIFFERENCE Difference between two Twitter profilesBRTwit-pic — A picture posted via Twitter
Twi-smissal — Exiting Twitter/killing your profileTwizzle — A Twitter babe

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