Garena Free Fire top 5 guns that will DEFINITELY get you a Booyah! Just check it

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Garena Free Fire top 5 best guns will give you a tactical advantage in combats to get a comfortable win, check out our list

| Updated on: Aug 22 2022, 00:04 IST
Kids playing mobile games
If you want to push your rank in Garena Free Fire, these top 5 best guns will make your journey easier (natureaddict/Pixabay)
Kids playing mobile games
If you want to push your rank in Garena Free Fire, these top 5 best guns will make your journey easier (natureaddict/Pixabay)

Garena Free Fire top 5 guns: Garena Free Fire is consistently gaining popularity among the online gaming community. With high definition graphics, multiple game modes and new regular events, it has become one of the most popular battle royale style games in not only India but across the world. And popular games always get competitive as you climb up the ranking ladder. To make your grind a little less frustrating, we have curated a list of top 5 best guns in the game that you can use to get a tactical advantage while playing any map and mode.

Open map and online multiplayer mode ensures that the game has constant variables and new scenarios emerging that can stop you from getting your much loved Booyah. But you can still secure your survival in the game by picking the right guns, so when the crucial combat comes your way you are not holding a machete to face a Gatling gun. Check out our full list.

Garena Free Fire top 5 best guns

1. MP40

While you may question why we started the list with an SMG (SubMachine Gun), it is without a doubt, the most reliable weapon that you can wield either as a beginner or as a pro. The gun is very versatile which means it will suit most players' playstyle. And with a high fire rate of 83 and damage of 48 HP, it can be lethal in close combat situations. Further, as with most SMGs, the recoil rate is very less, allowing you a stable shot at the enemy. However, do note that this weapon does not equip any attachments other than a magazine and a stock.

2. AWM

One of the best guns for sniping, AWM offers great accuracy and extremely high damage. The gun comes with 90 accuracy, 90 damage and 91 range, making it one of the best sniper rifles of the game. While the Treatment Sniper is still a better gun overall, it is harder to obtain and has no attachment slot which made us lean towards AWM. AWM also has 150 damage which means you can probably take out an enemy within 2-3 shots. The best way to use this weapon is playing as a marksman and staying far away from close combat but by pairing it with an MP40, you can easily eliminate any fears of someone jumping you from behind.

3. M14

We had to put M14 in our list. When it comes to assault rifles, you want it to not only have destructive damage but a long enough range and low recoil. And M14 comes with all of these. One of the most versatile guns, you can use it for close, mid as well as long range combats. The gun has a range of 77 which is highest of any assault rifles, 77 damage and a movement speed of 52. It can also fit in any attachment which makes it even more powerful. Only downside is that it comes with a magazine size of 15, which is a little less for assault rifles.

4. M1887

Why a shotgun in this list? Because there is no other alternative in the final moments of the game when the circle size is small and enemies have little space to run. What you may achieve from 15 rounds of an assault rifle or SMG, M1887 will get you in two shots. Now, that can be the decider between a Booyah and a second position. The gun has a 100 damage and an armor penetration of 28 which means even an enemy wearing an armor will not survive this gun at close range.

5. M60

M60 is a light machine gun (LMG) with a large magazine size of 60. That itself makes it a must have gun for many players who do not want to be caught reloading the gun during a combat. But couple that with decently high damage of 56, 65 range and 56 fire rate and you have yourself a solid mid ranged weapon geared to help you win. The large magazine size also helps beginners who do not have good aim and might want to leave a room for error.

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First Published Date: 05 Feb, 14:06 IST