GTA top mysteries solved: Unveiling bigfoot, ghosts, and haunted cars in recent revelations | Gaming News

GTA top mysteries solved: Unveiling bigfoot, ghosts, and haunted cars in recent revelations

Discover the secrets behind GTA's top mysteries! From crashing planes to ghostly encounters, find out what lurks behind these iconic enigmas.

| Updated on: Apr 08 2024, 15:59 IST
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GTA mysteries
1/5 Exploring Beyond the Main Storyline: Take your time to delve into the vast world of GTA 5 beyond the main narrative. From shopping and arcade games to honing your skills at the shooting range or participating in races across Los Santos, there's a plethora of distractions waiting to be explored. (unsplash)
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2/5 Embracing Side Quests: Don't overlook the richness of GTA 5's side quests. These offer unique experiences, whether it's joining a cult, fending off an alien invasion, aiding a wedding procession, dealing with cannibals, or even enrolling in flight school. Each side quest adds depth to the game's universe. (unsplash)
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3/5 Utilizing Stock Market Opportunities: Engage with the in-game stock market to bolster your finances. By strategically buying and selling stocks, particularly before assassination missions, players can reap significant profits or mitigate potential losses. Assessing risks and returns is key to making informed investment decisions. (unsplash)
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4/5 Thorough Map Exploration: Beyond its sheer size, GTA 5's map is brimming with activities, hidden locations, and interactive elements. Take the time to explore Los Santos and its surroundings to uncover intriguing Easter eggs, such as UFO sightings, frozen aliens, unique landmarks, and nods to iconic films like "No Country for Old Men" and "Back to the Future." (unsplash)
GTA mysteries
5/5 To fully enjoy GTA 5, players must have a lot of cash. While doing missions, side quests and heists can earn you a fair amount, it is up to them to learn how to manage it properly. One of the easiest ways to lose cash is to make the wrong purchases, especially when it comes to vehicles. Now we know that GTA 5 has several vehicles that can entice players into owning them - like the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento-based Pegassi Zentorno or the Buggati Veyron-esque Truffade Adder. Instead, players are advised to purchase properties that provide an income, like the Cinema Dopler and Ten Cent Theater, both of which offer decent ROI. (RockstarGames)
GTA mysteries
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Discover the secrets behind iconic GTA mysteries, from crashing planes to ghostly apparitions, finally explained. (REUTERS)

For years, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise has captivated gamers with its immersive worlds and intriguing mysteries. From elusive Bigfoots to eerie ghost cars, the games have been rife with enigmas that have fueled endless speculation and curiosity within the gaming community. While some mysteries remain unsolved, recent revelations have shed light on several long-standing puzzles, much to the delight of fans worldwide.

1. The Mystery of the Randomly Crashing Planes in San Andreas

Among the many features that make GTA San Andreas a beloved classic are its unexpected occurrences, including the seemingly random appearance and subsequent crashing of planes within the game. For years, players puzzled over the cause of these airborne calamities, but now, a former Rockstar Games developer has provided insight into the phenomenon.

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According to the developer, the crashes were the result of a coding glitch combined with collision issues with thin obstacles. Additionally, slow scene generation caused flyby planes to explode prematurely, leading to their untimely demise atop unsuspecting players.

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2. Unmasking Bigfoot in GTA 5

Bigfoot, a legendary creature that has made appearances throughout the GTA series, finally met his unmasking in GTA 5. In the mission "The Last One" within the Strangers and Freaks storyline, players encounter what appears to be the elusive beast. However, upon closer inspection, it is revealed to be a man in a costume, bringing an end to years of speculation.

While some fans may have been disappointed by this revelation, others found closure in finally uncovering the truth behind the myth.

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3. Demystifying Ghost Cars in San Andreas

The ghostly appearances of cars without drivers in GTA San Andreas have long confounded players, sparking rumours of supernatural occurrences within the game. However, recent explanations have debunked these myths, attributing the phenomenon to coding quirks rather than otherworldly forces.

It turns out that the game's code occasionally spawns cars near players, but due to errors, they sometimes appear without drivers. These seemingly haunted vehicles are simply misplaced, tumbling down hillsides and creating the illusion of ghostly apparitions.

4. Revealing the Truth Behind the Ghost Town in GTA 3

Venturing to the edge of the map in GTA 3, players may stumble upon a mysterious ghost town, seemingly abandoned and inaccessible. For years, this discovery perplexed gamers, sparking speculation about its origins and purpose. However, recent revelations have uncovered the truth behind this eerie locale.

The ghost town is revealed to be nothing more than unused assets left by developers, situated at the fringes of the game world. Rather than remove them entirely, the developers opted to keep these elements intact, adding an air of mystery to the game's outskirts.

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5. Explaining the Haunted Police Cars in San Andreas

In the heat of a chase in GTA San Andreas, players may encounter a bizarre glitch where police cars continue their pursuit even after their occupants have been eliminated. This haunting occurrence has long puzzled gamers, leading to theories of spectral intervention. However, a closer examination of the game's code has provided a more mundane explanation.

The persistence of these "haunted" police cars is attributed to delays in the game's recognition of officer fatalities. As a result, the vehicles appear to be under the control of ghostly forces, when in reality, they are simply victims of a glitchy system.


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First Published Date: 08 Apr, 15:59 IST