Harness the power of Google Duet AI to boost your productivity; know how | How-to

Harness the power of Google Duet AI to boost your productivity; know how

Check how Google Duet AI for Workspace improves productivity and encourages users to be creative. Know all about the AI-powered tool here.

| Updated on: Dec 22 2023, 15:30 IST
Google Cloud 2023 innovations: AI-powered collaborative workspaces - what it unveiled
 Google's Duet AI
1/7 Generative AI in Google Workspace: Google Cloud introduced AI-powered features in Google Docs and Gmail, aligning with Google's AI Principles. Users can collaborate seamlessly with AI assistance in content creation, brainstorming, data analysis, and auto-generation of multimedia content.  (unsplash)
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2/7 Duet AI in Google Workspace: Duet AI enhances productivity in Google Workspace, providing features like content refinement in Gmail and Google Docs, image creation in Google Slides, data insights in Google Sheets, and fostering meaningful connections in Google Meet. (pexel)
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3/7 Duet AI in Google Cloud: Launched during Google I/O 2023, Duet AI in Google Cloud offers personalized experiences, including real-time code recommendations, chat assistance, and AI-powered prompts for building intelligent business applications on AppSheet.  (unsplash)
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4/7 Vertex AI Search and Conversation: It empowers developers with limited ML skills to leverage Google's foundation models and search expertise. This tool enables the creation of enterprise-grade generative AI applications by combining various enterprise systems.
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5/7 PaLM API, MakerSuite, and Vertex AI: Google Cloud introduced the PaLM API for safe experimentation with LLMs, MakerSuite for easy prototyping and model tuning, and new capabilities in Vertex AI, including gen AI support, three new foundation models, Embedding APIs, RLHF, and a Generative AI studio.  (unsplash)
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6/7 Digital Watermarking on Vertex AI: Leveraging Google DeepMind SynthID, Google Cloud introduced advanced digital watermarking on Vertex AI, embedding watermarks directly into image pixels to make them invisible to the human eye and resistant to tampering. (unsplash)
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7/7 Strategic Partnerships and Customer Collaborations: Collaborated with ONDC for a nationwide hackathon, democratizing access to digital commerce powered by gen AI; Partnered with MeitY to offer cybersecurity scholarships and train government officials;  Extended the partnership with Apollo Hospitals for the omnichannel digital healthcare experience, Apollo 24|7; Established a "Chair Professorship" in gen AI at IIT Bombay. (unaplash)
 Google's Duet AI
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Know how Google's Duet AI tool helps users increase productivity. (Google)

Google Duet AI: In August, AI-powered tool called Google Duet AI was rolled. It has been designed to revamp how the workspace app is being used by individuals or businesses. The AI tool is available across all workspace apps such as Gmail, Meet, Drive, Docs, Slides, and others. The tool can automate various complicated and time-taking tasks. Additionally, Google Duet AI helps employees improve their productivity individually or as part of a team. Check out what Google Duet AI offers to the users to boost productivity to a higher level.

How Duet AI features help increase productivity

  • Help me write: This feature of Duet AI enables users to write various types of content such as emails, live notes during video calls, articles, captions, etc. Employees can also use the tool to make their content grammatically correct or crisp. Google said, “It can also help refine existing content, adjusting for length, tone, and style.”
  • Help me organize: This feature can be utilised in Google Sheets which enables users to organize their sheets data in an understandable manner. It also helps to create a custom template by describing the AI tool to the type of temples you want. This tool discards the need for manual typing as it automates the work and reduces time and effort. 

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  • Help me visualize: This tool can be utilized in Google Slides, where users can create original images for their presentations. Google said, “Create unique and compelling visuals with simple text prompts.” It will save you time to design the whole presentation template and text as Duet AI will do it for you. Additionally, the tool also helps edit images such as removing background, Crop, Replace, and Reset images.
  • Help me connect: DuetAI in Google Meet improves the video, audio, and custom backgrounds in Google Meet. The tool enhances the quality of video when the devices have low-light or low-quality webcams. Additionally, it also improves the sound quality and eliminates noisy environments.
  • Help me create an app: This is another productivity feature which helps individuals save time. The Duet AI helps create business apps in the AppSheet. Doing so will help users to write lengthy codes for building an app. The AI tool consists of Java, Javascript, Python, SQL, and 20 other programming languages which are required to build code food applications.
  • Lastly, you can also ask Duet AI to generate live notes when you are in the meeting so you get all the necessary information about the discussion in a summarized form.

Note that Google's Duet AI is a subscription-based tool which provides advanced features. Try out the features and utilise the benefits of Google's artificial intelligence tool to automate and simplify various time consuming tasks. This way employees can focus more on critical work which requires more attention and hold greater importance in terms of achieving their goals.

Furthermore, the tool enables users to be more creative in terms of creating images, slides, template or even written content such as blogs, emails, captions, etc. Google also mentioned that the tool can be utilized by human resources teams as well in terms of “ generating responses to employees or even draft job descriptions for positions”

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First Published Date: 22 Dec, 15:30 IST