Wordle 926 answer for January 1: Start the year afresh! Just check hints, clues | How-to

Wordle 926 answer for January 1: Start the year afresh! Just check hints, clues

Wordle 926 answer for January 1: Struggling to solve Wordle 926 on the first day of the new year? Don’t fret! Try these Wordle hints and clues as a last resort.

| Updated on: Jan 01 2024, 18:06 IST
Wordle 860 answer for October 27: Check hints, clues, solution today and solve it in a jiffy
1/6 Wordle has been keeping the difficulty low since the beginning of this week. And in some ways, that stands true today as well. However, compared to how easy the words were in the last couple of days, today might be slightly challenging. This is due to the unusual positioning of the vowels that many are not used to. So, unless you figure out all the five letters in the word, you might struggle a bit.  (HT Tech)
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2/6 With the festive season going on, you cannot lose your win streak to a mishap. This is why you need to check these Wordle hints and clues to get more information about the word before playing the game. And if it gets too confusing during the game, just scroll to the bottom for the solution. (HT Tech)
3/6 Before moving to the clues for the day, let us quickly go through the rules of the game. A player needs to find out a 5-letter word of the day in 6 attempts. Every time a guess is made, the letters are highlighted in green, yellow, or gray telling the player if the letter is in the right position, wrong position, or not in the word at all. The aim of the game is to figure out the word in as few attempts as possible. Even though it looks simple, the strategies to get the right word can differ and confuse you a lot. So, let us check out clues for today's Wordle (HT Tech)
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4/6 Wordle 860:1. Today’s word begins with the letter N.2. The word contains two vowels in it.3. The word ends with the letter E. (HT Tech)
5/6 4. The remaining vowel is O.5. There are no repeated letters in the word. That's all for hints and clues. If you want to take a shot at the game then go for it now. We are sure this information will help you solve it easily. But if you're looking for the answer, just check the next slide.
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6/6 Today's word is NOBLE. It means, “ having or showing high moral qualities or character”. We hope you were able to solve today's puzzle. Come back again tomorrow for more Wordle hints and clues. (Priya/HT Tech)
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Wordle 926 answer for January 1: Check these Wordle hints, clues, and solutions if you think you are not progressing. (HT Tech)

Wordle 926 answer for January 1: Happy New Year! Wordle players are in for a treat on the first day of the new year with an easy answer today. The answer is relatively simple and can be deduced quickly, even by new Wordle players. The letters used in the word are common and their arrangement is not complex at all, therefore, players should get the Wordle 926 solution expeditiously. While solving the puzzle, it is essential to use a well-thought-out strategy, but there is no need to panic in moments of uncertainty. If you find yourself stuck at any stage, you just need to scroll down and check the Wordle hints and clues to enhance your chances of cracking the puzzle. The solution has been provided at the bottom.

Wordle 926 hints for January 1

Today's Wordle answer is a common word and does not have what all Wordle players dread - the repetition of letters! However, it does feature vowels, making the guessing game a bit difficult. To assist you, we have provided the Wordle clues below to get more information about the word.

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Wordle 926 clues for January 1

1. Today's word begins with the letter M.

2. The word contains two vowels in it.

3. The word ends with the letter L.

4. There is no repetition of letters.

5. BIGGEST HINT - It is related to street art.

That's all! The last clue almost gave away the answer and you should now be able to solve it quickly! But if you are still confused, just scroll down to check the solution.

Wordle 926 answer for January 1

HOLD ON! Wait! Are you sure you want to know the Wordle 926 answer now or would you want to try a bit longer? This is the last opportunity for you to go back and try cracking today's Wordle answer yourself. Still, if you want to know the answer to the Wordle 926 challenge then it is right below.

The word you've been searching for is MURAL, which means "a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall.”, according to the Oxford Languages Dictionary.

Hope the puzzle didn't cause too much trouble for you. Check back again for tomorrow's Wordle hints, clues, and answer.

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First Published Date: 01 Jan, 18:06 IST