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The game, GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, is all that GTA IV should have been

| Updated on: Nov 23 2009, 20:56 IST

The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBGT) is game developer Rockstar's ballad for its fans who thought GTA IV was too serious. TBGT is everything GTA IV should have been — it's totally outrageous and over-the-top in every way possible.

In TBGT, you play as Louis Lopez, a Dominican who's just made it big in Liberty City thanks to his mentor and business' partner, Tony Prince aka Gay Tony, who owns one of Liberty City's most successful gay and straight bars.

Tony finds himself embroiled with all the wrong kind of people thanks to his flamboyant, drug-fuelled lifestyle, and his business begins to go down. Here's where you step in to save the day.Since you're his business partner/ bodyguard, you can visit any of Tony's night clubs where you're free to drink (a mini-game) or seduce women on the dance floor (another mini-game). Wooing a girl on the dance floor yields some highly favourable results.

On the flip side there are a few highly annoying Buzzard missions that are highly exasperating. Although Rockstar has tweaked vehicular control, chopper control is as stupid as ever.

What's new
New to the GTA IV universe are a bunch of mini games, the first of which is Fight Club, where you enter an underground fighting ring to take on wave after wave of fighters. Next up is the much publicised base jumping that appears in various missions throughout the game's plot. Jumping out from a helicopter, free falling towards the city only to pull out your parachute at the last minute to land safely on the ground or a moving vehicle is an awesome experience, even if virtual.

Visually the game's been touched up a bit and looks brighter and more vibrant compared to GTA IV. With all the frantic action, the frame rate tends to dip a bit but it never renders the game unplayable.

Final verdict
The bottom line is that TBGT is an excellent addition to the GTA IV series. It packs in nearly 10 hours of gameplay, bringing in some really cool stuff to the table and offers players a diverse amount of activities in Liberty City.


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First Published Date: 23 Nov, 20:54 IST