Here's why buying a smartwatch right now may not be the best choice

Smartwatches are high on the list of high-tech holiday gadgets, but as Jordan Edelson of Appetizer Mobile points out, smartwatches are in their infancy and are limited in their features and functionality. 'I particular would not recommend buying into the Android Ware system just yet,' Edelson says. That's because many of the features in the operating system that have yet to be utilized by watch manufacturers. Apple Watch has yet to be made available to the public, but Edelson says it may be worth the wait. 'It's going to be a game changer in terms of the operating system, ease-of-use and the overall experience.'

| Updated on: Dec 13 2014, 19:14 IST
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First Published Date: 13 Dec, 19:07 IST
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