StandBy Mode in iPhone: Know how to unlock and use this amazing iOS 17 feature - just tilt

StandBy serves as a versatile tool that can transform your iPhone into various functional modes.

| Updated on: Oct 09 2023, 19:02 IST
Finally! iOS 17 lets users hyperlink text in iPhone mail app
StandBy Mode in iPhone
1/7 Apple is expected to officially introduce the new operating system of the iPhone, iOS 17 along with iPhone 15 series at the Apple event happening on September 12, 2023. Apple already gave a sneak peek of the iOS 17 at WWDC 2023 and some of its features include Contact Posters, Live Voicemail, and more. (Unsplash)
StandBy Mode in iPhone
2/7 The iOS 17 is now in the beta testing phase, where the company is constantly exploring and testing new features. The testing will ensure that there are no problems in the upcoming operating system.  (Unsplash)
StandBy Mode in iPhone
3/7 According to a shared post by Federico Viticci, iPhone’s Mail app will now enable users to hyperlink any word while drafting the mail. However, users will get this update after the official launch and they will have to download the update on their iPhones. (AP)
StandBy Mode in iPhone
4/7 Apple has introduced several updates, but somehow it never enabled users to hyperlink anything in the iPhone mail app. Now, with this Mail app's new features, users can avoid sharing long URLs separately. (Apple)
StandBy Mode in iPhone
5/7 To hyperlink a text, first copy the URL you want to add to the email. Then while creating an email you have to first write the message that you want the recipient to get. After drafting, long press the selected word you want to hyperlink. (Apple)
StandBy Mode in iPhone
6/7 A floating pop-up tab will appear on your iPhone screen. There, you’ll see a new “Add Link” option. Tap and paste the link. However, note that this feature will only be available after your iPhone gets updated with iOS 17.  (Unsplash)
StandBy Mode in iPhone
7/7 Note that the above-mentioned Mail app feature is based on a rumour and has not been confirmed by Apple yet. The actual feature will be discovered after the actual release and when it will be rolled out to the public.  (Apple)
StandBy Mode in iPhone
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Unlocking the hidden StandBy mode in iOS 17 can transform your iPhone into a multifunctional device, offering convenience and utility in various scenarios. (Apple)

After the launch of the iPhone 15, Apple rolled out its newest software update for iPhones, that is, the iOS 17. With this update, Apple has brought many exciting features and one of them is the StandBy Mode. Have you used this feature yet? Know all about this it and learn how to use it.

StandBy feature

What exactly is StandBy, and how can you unlock its remarkable capabilities? The answer lies in a simple gesture – tilting your iPhone onto its side and spinning while it's connected to a charger. This gesture will activate StandBy mode, unveiling a world of practical tools that promise to enhance your daily iPhone experience.

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StandBy serves as a versatile tool that can transform your iPhone into various functional modes. It can become a bedside clock, a digital photo frame, a display for widgets, or even a full-screen Live Activities showcase. Apple, in its characteristic fashion, has provided users with a seamless transition between these modes. Follow these simple steps to activate your iPhone's StanBy mode:

Steps to activate StandBy mode

Step 1: Check Your iOS Version

Before diving into StandBy, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 17 or a newer version. This feature was introduced in the iOS 17 update, so if you haven't updated your device, head to Settings > General > Software Update to ensure you have the latest software.

Step 2: Plug in and Prepare

To activate StandBy, you'll need to connect your iPhone to a charger.

Step 3: Activate StandBy

Once your iPhone is plugged in, follow these simple steps to unlock StandBy:

Set your iPhone on its side, keeping it stationary.

Press the side button.

Step 4: Explore StandBy's Features

StandBy offers a range of useful features:

Clock Mode: Swipe left or right to switch between widgets, photos, and clocks.

Night Mode: StandBy adapts to low ambient light at night, displaying a red tint to avoid disturbing your sleep.

Always On Display: On specific iPhone models (iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max), StandBy stays on to show useful information.

Interact with StandBy

You can interact with StandBy in various ways:

1-Tap the screen to activate StandBy on iPhones without the Always On Display feature.

2-Give your iPhone a gentle nudge if it's on a table.

3-Use Siri to command StandBy.

Deactivate StandBy

If you wish to turn off StandBy, follow these steps:

1-Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2-Scroll down and select "StandBy."

3-Toggle the StandBy switch to the off position.

Unlocking the hidden StandBy mode in iOS 17 can transform your iPhone into a multifunctional device, offering convenience and utility in various scenarios. Experiment with its features, personalize it to your liking, and enjoy the enhanced iPhone experience that StandBy brings to the table.

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First Published Date: 09 Oct, 17:00 IST