Wordle 660 answer for April 10: Keep it under control! Check out these Wordle hints and clues

Wordle 660 answer for April 10: It is an easy yet tricky solution. But to ensure you turn all the letter boxes green, check Wordle hints, clues and solutions here.

| Updated on: Apr 10 2023, 06:30 IST
WAIT! You don't know about Wordle? Worry not, we have got everything covered here
1/6 What is Wordle? Wordle is an online word game where you have to figure out a 5-letter word within six attempts. One puzzle is available to play every day and the entire world gets the same puzzle. (Pixabay)
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2/6 How to play Wordle? The game has some very simple rules. You get six attempts where you can guess any 5-letter word you want. After every guess, the game gives you three hints in colored backgrounds. Gray background means the letter is not in the word. Yellow background means that the letter is in the word but in a different position. And Green background means that the letter is both in the word and in the right position. (HT Tech)
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3/6 Here’s an example. If you guessed APPLE, and A comes in green, E comes in yellow and the rest of the letters are in gray, then it means that the word you’re looking for starts with A. E comes somewhere in the word but not at the end, and it does not have either P or L in it. (Priya/HT Tech)
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4/6 Where to play Wordle? You can play Wordle on the New York Times website. You do not need to download an app or any program. (AFP)
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5/6 When does a new Wordle game appear? New Wordle puzzles appear every night at 12AM. The game refreshes every 24 hours. (Pixabay)
6/6 What is a Wordle streak? Wordle win streak is basically a track of how many consecutive days you have both played and gotten the answer right. The count resets to zero if you either get a wrong answer or forget to play one day. (Unsplash)
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Wordle 660 answer for April 10: Solve the puzzle quickly with these Wordle hints, clues and solution. (Reuters)

Wordle 660 answer for April 10: With every Wordle challenge players start the game blind, that is, without any clues or hints. Therefore the first word that is being entered becomes very important as it can give you your first clue. Today you might get to the 5 letter Wordle word on your own. The word is easy, however, the letters are tricky. And of course you will not want to lose because of a small mistake. With just six attempts, there is not enough space to take risks. So, if you're in a fix, just check these Wordle hints and clues to get a massive advantage in today's game. And if you're in the last attempt and need the word, just scroll to the bottom for the solution.

Wordle 660 hints for April 10

Today's word does not contain any repeated letter, thankfully. However, there is one uncommon letter in the word, finding which is paramount to your victory. But if you can find it, then solving the puzzle will get very easy. The word today is very common and we are sure that even with just three to four letters, you will be able to solve the puzzle.

Wordle 660 clues for April 10

Today's word starts with a vowel U.

The word contains two vowels in it.

The word ends with a vowel R.

None of the letters repeat.

The word refers to below!

Those are your clues and you also now know two important letters of today's Wordle word. Just think about the answer for a second and you should have the word. But if you're still confused, just check the answer below.

Wordle 660 answer for April 10

Wait! Today's game is easy, you can crack it on your own. Do not read any further if you are not looking for the answer to today's Wordle.

Today's 5 letter Wordle word is UNDER. It is a preposition and refers to “in or to a position below or lower than something else, often so that one thing covers the other,” according to the Cambridge dictionary.

All the best for the upcoming Wordle challenge. Also, you can come back here for more clues and hints.

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First Published Date: 10 Apr, 06:30 IST