Wordle 944 answer for January 19: Another easy solution! Check hints, clues here | How-to

Wordle 944 answer for January 19: Another easy solution! Check hints, clues here

Wordle 944 answer for January 19: Today’s Wordle 944 solution is yet another easy word that you can guess in a flash! If you’re stuck, then check out Wordle 944 hints, clues, and answer.

| Updated on: Jan 19 2024, 18:26 IST
Wordle 944 answer for January 19: Check clues and hints to solve today's Wordle challenge here. (Unsplash)
Wordle 944 answer for January 19: Check clues and hints to solve today's Wordle challenge here. (Unsplash)

Wordle 944 answer for January 19: Wordle is a daily word game developed by Josh Wardle and published by the New York Times. In the game, players face a 5x6 grid of empty boxes that need to be filled with the right letters to form a meaningful word. Players need to guess 5 letters correctly in 6 attempts. If they guess the letter correctly and in the correct place, the box turns green. Unlike crosswords, Wordle does not provide any hints and clues to players, making the guessing game a bit tricky. In fact, the game's creator even struggles with it sometimes, he said! So, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed today like Josh Wardle, then check out Wordle hints and clues. And if you wish to find out the Wordle 944 answer for January 19, then scroll to the very end.

Wordle 944 hints for January 19

Today's Wordle word is an extremely easy word and contains commonly used letters. The game helps you figure out the correct letters with the help of three colours- Green, Yellow, and Grey. All you need to do is guess a 5 letter word and hit enter. Wordle will highlight the correct letter at an accurate place with a Green colour. Yellow will tell you that the alphabet is right but not correctly placed.

Check out the hints and clues below.

Wordle 944 clues for January 19

1. Today's 5-letter Wordle word starts with T.

2. There is just one vowel in the word.

3. There is no repetition of letters.

4. The word ends with G.

5. Biggest hint — It is what you call something that you don't know the name of!

And here you get all the clues and hints. With the big hint at the end, you can now easily solve Wordle 944 and keep your winning streak intact! However, if you're still finding the answer too difficult, then check out the Wordle 944 answer below.

Wordle 944 answer for January 19

Wait! Are you sure you want to know the Wordle 944 answer? This is the last opportunity for you to go back and try cracking today's Wordle answer yourself. However, if you want to know the answer to the Wordle 944 challenge then it is right below.

The Wordle 944 answer is THING. It is a noun and refers to “an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to”, according to the Oxford Languages Dictionary.

Here you go, WINNER! Congratulations on keeping your Wordle winning streak intact! All the best for your next Wordle challenge.

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