Janitor AI lets you talk to virtual boyfriends, indulge in erotica! Check out the controversial NSFW chatbot

Know all about Janitor AI, a controversy-ridden, ChatGPT-powered platform that lets you talk to AI-generated personalities, and has been used to create virtual boyfriends!

| Updated on: Sep 25 2023, 22:50 IST
Janitor AI
Users can create personalities on Janitor AI using prompts. (Pexels)
Janitor AI
Users can create personalities on Janitor AI using prompts. (Pexels)

There have been rapid developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in the last few years. The debut of OpenAI's ChatGPT in November 2022, has kickstarted an AI chatbot revolution and now every big tech company is developing their own conversational chatbots. Google, Microsoft, Tencent, and even Apple has been rumored to be working on their generative AI chatbots. In the Summer, an AI chatbot became extremely popular for offering a drastically different service in comparison to other chatbots there - NSFW chats, because of which it has been surrounded by controversy recently. Here's why.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a conversational AI chatbot that is powered by ChatGPT. Unlike ChatGPT, Google Bard, and other conversational AI chatbots, Janitor AI is a not-safe-for-work (NSFW) chatbot that lets people converse with user-generated chatbot personalities. It was created by Jan Zoltkowski, who currently works as a prompt engineer in San Francisco, at a hackathon, according to a report by Semafor.

It features multiple personal personalities such as Miles Morales from Earth 42, a mafia boss, Simon “Ghost” Riley from Task Force 141, Kratos from God of War, Deadpool, and more. It also has female personalities such as Freya from God of War, Gwen Stacy, anime characters, and more. Users have generated personalities based on books, films, TV shows, and even video games! Through chat prompts, users can set up the AI personality's upbringing, journey so far, character traits, likes and dislikes, and much more.

Janitor AI saw a rapid rise in popularity over the Summer when it started trending on TikTok and Reddit. Users shared videos of their conversations with the personalities created on the AI platform, and some even developed a "relationship" with AI boyfriends and indulged in erotica. Till now, over 2.5 billion messages have been exchanged on the platform.

Controversy surrounding Janitor AI

Janitor AI has been surrounded by controversy recently as it allows NSFW talk on its platform, something that explicitly isn't allowed on other AI chatbots. As per the report, one conversation on the platform with an AI werewolf boyfriend named Milo Grayson read, “You're so f***ing hot,' he muttered, kissing along her neck again. I could fill you with my **** again and again.” The use of such erotic language is quite common.

Interestingly, OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT has been on a mission to crack down on chatbots developed on its platform that offer NSFW features and issued a cease and desist letter in July to Janitor AI's owners, after which the platform was cut off. Following this, users took to Reddit to show their disappointment. One user wrote. “IT HAS BEEN 3 MONTHS WITHOUT AI D***”.

Despite the cut-off, users have found new workarounds for accessing the platform. As per the report, one can still use Janitor AI by registering as an OpenAI developer which costs money.

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First Published Date: 25 Sep, 13:28 IST