Google Pay promises more Rangoli stamps as it extends Diwali scheme

Google Pay’s Diwali scheme has been extended till November 11. Google Pay gives users more chances to get that elusive Rangoli stamp.

Google Pay Diwali stamps.
Google Pay Diwali stamps. (Google)

Google Pay's Diwali stamps were the entire buzz during the festive season. The unfrequented attention received for Google Pay Diwali stamps led to its extension till November 11. Google Pay promises more Rangoli stamps as it announced the extended date for its Diwali contest.

Google Pay will give users an assured gift of 251 on collecting all five Diwali stamps - Diya, Flower, Lantern, Jhumka and Rangoli. It also gives users the chance to win 1 lakh. While the Google Pay Diwali scheme sounds pretty normal it was the limited availability of Rangoli stamp which drove users crazy. And it has taken over pretty much every social media platform.

Google Pay Diwali stamps. (Google Pay
Google Pay Diwali stamps. (Google Pay (Screenshot))

If you've been wondering why people are asking for Rangoli stamp this is exactly why. Google Pay users are getting every Diwali stamp except for Rangoli. But some Google Pay users have received the Rangoli stamp completing their five stamp collection. Users can collect stamps by making transactions above 35 on Google Pay. Diwali stamps can also be collected through bill payments and mobile recharges.


There's also the option to gift Diwali stamps which can give back a surprise stamp to the user. Google Pay also lets users request for particular Diwali stamps to other users. Another option which is exclusive to Android users is the Diwali scanner. Using the phone's scanner users can scan Diwali images and collect a stamp.

Google Pay users can collect up to five stamps daily. Google says that stamps are given out randomly and "the more you pay friends and businesses with Google, the more stamps you can collect."