StockEZY: A Social Network for Trading & Investments

Any one from a novice investor, to a seasoned trader, a housewives and even working professionals are a part of this social community which basically allows members to find the best Stocks and the best investors.

| Updated on: Oct 03 2011, 16:06 IST

With social networking invading all spheres of our life, can something as important as the stock market be left behind? A social investment community, Stockezy is formed to connect like-minded investors and provide an effective platform to share ideas, discuss stocks and work together to make more informed and educated financial decisions.

Any one from a novice investor, to a seasoned trader, a housewives and even working professionals are a part of this social community which basically allows members to find the best Stocks and the best investors. has recently tied up with Zee Business for one of its stock market related shows. The show is 'D Street Ka Don' which is a weekly show hosted by stock market analyst Mr. Rajesh Tambe. The tie-up will allow users to get program details and post questions on which may feature in the show.

Below is an excerpt with the CEO of, Tushar Makhija

1. A social network for stock investors? How big is the target audience?

A. During my initial research in the stock market space it was not very insightful. There were very few credible online resources which provided guidance or help.

There is a huge potential that I foresee in this segment simply because currently only 3% of India's population invests in the stock market! Thus you can only imagine the number of people that would start actively investing in the market once they are informed. We are seeing housewives, students, working professionals amongst others who frequent our site for advice & research on the stock market. People are already online, on Facebook and Twitter. We now have to make investing to be as much fun, driven through an online social platform like Stockezy.

2. How can I discover investment experts in the network?

Stockezy provides a platform for new as well as experienced investors to share their stock recommendations online. Each recommendation is tracked, and users are given points based on the success or failure of their individual recommendations. At the end of the month, the highest point earners are rewarded with cash prizes. The rest of the community can discover and follow these community members online at

3. When was the network launched? What is the current number of members?

A. The idea came to me in 2007.

It had been 2 years since I had finished my Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, and had started working in the Silicon Valley as a software engineer. Along with my friends we had started exploring investing in the U.S. markets.

At this time the Indian markets was scaling new heights, what with the Sensex reaching the 21 k mark. This made us curious about Indian stock market, and how people like us could also gain from it.

Thus after a lot of research, was officially launched in 2008 in its current form. We currently have around 40,000 registered members with 1,00,000 unique visitors every month. In addition to growing our registered user base to 250,000 we would like to see Stockezy cross 1 million visits a month.

4. Currently the network looks like a crude mashup between Facebook and Google+. Any plans on revamping the same?

A. The design elements of the site are always evolving as per time.

Google+ or Facebook does not copyright the user-interface designs. They exist as design innovations and hence more or less you see most sites have an overlap in design elements.

Stockezy is a very well organized and clutter free site, a rare offering in India. We focus on the customer interaction and to make the end user experience more rewarding. The focus in on content and not on ads. Any web business requires continuous innovation, and we have new features and upgrades in our pipeline, which will go live in the next 3 to 6 months.

5. What is the business model, other than ads?

A. Our revenue model is a balance between Google ads and our recently launched subscription model. The subscription feature provides Stockezy members with simplified stock analysis and advises them on when to 'buy, sell and hold' a stock to gain maximum profits. We have different models depending on the type of market-participant you are.

Dorsey Wright & Associates is an independent research and investment advisory firm based in U.S.A. They are the research partners for Stockezy. They have been providing technical analysis research for the U.S since the past 30 years. They have $3 billion dollars in assets under management and started focusing on Indian stock markets since


6. Have you received any funding yet? And are you looking for any, in near future?

Recently we got some funding when our partners Dorsey Wright & Associates bought a 19% stake in; it has helped us maintain the pace for developing and upgrading various features. We are focused towards our goal of providing new tools and research which can help stock market participants invest better.

Thus we might look at additional funding maybe in the near future to fuel further growth.

7. How does a social network help an investor in comparison with other sites like

* The most information you can get about a stock is 'when to buy'. There a lot of people out there recommending a lot of stocks but there is no tracking or follow up.

Plus there is no way to track the performance. This has led to the investors loose trust in the system.

* Stockezy provides a platform where using proven and tested Technical Analysis methodologies, we recommend stocks for short term trading and long term investing.

We track the performance of the stocks we recommend, and our USP is that we not only suggest when to buy, but we also provide information on when to sell.

* Our new Portfolio Insights tool helps investors get an instant health check up of their holdings allowing them to separate the losers from the winners. We provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the stocks, as well as recommend which need to be sold and what needs to be bought instead.

All at a click of a button, keeping in mind the investor's risk and investment horizon. We want more investors to start evaluating equity investments.

We are looking to help investors resolve more recent financial problems, helping them make their hard earned money, work harder for them.

* Stockezy provides an extensive investor discussion forum, and also allows novice investors do virtual investing in stocks and trading in futures & options. Our virtual platform is the best place for new investors to learn the stock market in a safe risk free environment.

8. What is the USP of

There are so far no websites that are similar to our model and scale of in-depth research tools. Our USP is to help retail investors make investing in stocks and maintaining their portfolio a simple and easy process. We have developed a stock rating system which simplifies the BUY-SELL-HOLD decision for them. What we have successfully achieved is make available a reliable system, built up on sound technical research and proven methodology. This greatly reduces the risk for a common investor to go wrong in managing his/her investments. At the same time it drastically reduces the time that needs to be spent evaluating stocks.

So investors can continue to live their own lives, get along with their daily chores, and need no more than 30 minutes a week, evaluating a portfolio of up to 10 stocks.

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First Published Date: 03 Oct, 15:30 IST