We make Apple Music face-off against other streaming apps

Now that Apple Music, Apple’s brand new music streaming service is finally available in India, we have a problem of plenty.


Now that Apple Music, Apple's brand new music streaming service is finally available in India, we have a problem of plenty. After all, there were at least three other streaming services that were already popular long before Apple joined the party, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and different catalog sizes (although no one says exactly how many songs they have).

And so, we decided to do a spot check. We asked five Hindustan Times staffers who preferred five different types of music to tell us their three favourite songs from each genre. We then searched for each song on the four leading music streaming services in the country: Gaana, Saavn, Rdio, and of course Apple Music.

This is a straw poll, and just because a certain song isn't available on a service right now doesn't mean it won't show up a few months down the line. But hey, it was fun to do!

Rohit Vats, Entertainment Correspondent
Genre: Old Bollywood

"Nothing is as soothing as classic Bollywood songs after a hard day's work. It's what I play on most nights before going to bed."

Siladitya Ray, Web Producer
Genre: 80s Rock and Metal

"I love 80s rock because it is great performance art. Vocals, guitars and drums come together to create music that sound amazing whether you are listening from your ear phones or live at an arena."

Moonmoon Ghosh, Copy Editor
Genre: Alternative Rock

"Alt rock feels like a different genre of music. I love it because it's way different from mainstream rock."

Gulshan Wankar, Trainee
Genre: Marathi Music

Marathi songs have a special connect, since the emotions are the same as what my loved ones will tell me in my own language - Marathi. There are songs in Hindi which also convey similar vibes, but in Marathi, 'chya Aaila! Majaach vegli aste! (It's entirely different!)'

Soumya Srivastava, Web Producer
Genre: 90s Indipop

'I love 90s Indipop because I'm a child of the 90s and that's the music I grew up listening.'