Online gold scam: Woman loses 25 lakh! Shocking cybercrime modus operandi revealed; 5 things to know

Online gold scam: In a shocking case, a woman was duped of 25 lakh in a cybercrime. The ease with which the online crime was committed showed that people should be extra careful when they come online looking for ways to make money. This 35-year-old woman, an HR manager at an MNC, was lured by a man with promises of selling her gold at cheap rates. Believing him fully after checking out his website, she transferred the money. She realised later that she had lost her money. It is a big lesson for people on what not to do online to stay safe. So, here we show you the modus operandi used by the cybercriminal and top 5 things you must know now to stay safe.

| Updated on: Aug 30 2021, 16:36 IST
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First Published Date: 30 Aug, 16:36 IST