How to connect Spotify to Google Maps for your commute

In case you didn’t know, Google Maps also supports music playback control for Spotify. Here’s how you can connect Spotify to Google Maps.

Google Maps added support for Spotify back in 2019.

Google Maps completed its 15th anniversary last month with a new logo and new features. Google also actively rolls out new features and improvements for Maps on a regular basis. One feature that users may not be aware of is music playback on Google Maps. You can control your music player on Google Maps itself while navigating to your location.

Google Maps comes with support for Apple Music, Google Play Music and Spotify. On iPhones, Apple Music automatically pops up on your Google Maps navigation. Similarly, on Android if you're using Google Play Music it will show up on Maps. However for Spotify, there are some steps that should be taken to enable it.

First thing is to open Google Maps and tap on your profile icon for the settings menu. Scroll down and select navigation settings then turn on 'show media playback controls'. On iOS, users can select 'Music playback controls'. You will then be asked to choose a default media app and this is where you select Spotify.

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Once this is done, the Spotify icon will show up on your navigation screen and you can tap on it to start playing music. Spotify's music playback controls will appear on the bottom menu where the estimated time is shown. Through this feature, you need not scroll down your notification panel to change songs while using Google Maps.

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