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Sony's wearable air conditioner will keep you cool during the summer

Sony's wearable air conditioner.

Sony Reon Pocket wearable air conditioner fits in the back pocket of a specially designed t-shirt. 

Sony’s wearable air conditioner is now available for sale. Sony had revealed its wearable air conditioner called ‘Reon Pocket’ last summer.

Sony Reon Pocket is priced at 13,000 Japanese yen which roughly translates to around 9,000. The wearable air conditioner is available only in Japan for now through Sony’s online store and Amazon.

The Reon Pocket is designed in a way that the side that rests on the person’s back will stay cool. There’s also a small fan that pulls all the warm air out from the body. The wearable air conditioner will however not cool the wearer’s face. It comes with a smartphone app available for Android and iOS. Through this app, users can adjust the temperature levels of the wearable AC.

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Users can switch to automatic mode which is supposed to detect what the wearer is doing and how they’re feeling and accordingly offer the cooling effect. The battery life of the Reon Pocket is said to be around two to four hours, and it takes around two hours to fully charge. The Reon Pocket works as a heater as well so wearers can use it during winters.

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