Love Skyler in Garena Free Fire? Check out how to use these Skyler tricks to beat others

Use these Skyler tricks in Garena Free Fire to destroy the opposition and win.

| Updated on: Aug 21 2022, 23:32 IST
Want to know how to use Skyler and his ability in Garena Free Fire? These Free Fire tricks will come in handy (Image Credit: Garena Free Fire) (Garena Free Fire/Canva)
Want to know how to use Skyler and his ability in Garena Free Fire? These Free Fire tricks will come in handy (Image Credit: Garena Free Fire) (Garena Free Fire/Canva)

Skyler was first introduced to Garena Free Fire in July 2021 in the OB26 update. His in-game description calls him “a CEO and superstar”. Among the special abilities is Skyler Riptide Rhythm where he can shoot a sonic wave that can destroy five gloo walls with a range of 100 meters. This ability comes with a cooldown of 40 seconds, meaning every time he uses this ability he will have to wait another 40 seconds before using it again. His second ability allows him to heal himself faster every time he places a gloo wall. However, the ability does not stack. So, if Skyler puts three gloo walls on the map he will not get 3X faster heal.

Now let us see how to best use Skyler tricks to give you an advantage in Garena Free Fire.

How to play with Skyler in Garena Free Fire

Although Skyler's primary ability is to take down gloo walls, it can be used in multiple ways to give you an advantage in different combat situations. And if you can mix both his abilities together, then nothing can stop you from winning a match in Garena Free Fire and getting your Booyah!

1. Skyler tricks: Taking down gloo walls

Yes, this one was a bit obvious. But there is more to it. While Skyler can definitely take down gloo walls, it is important to know when to do it to gain an advantage. It is recommended to break down gloo walls in close range combat than a long range one because this way, you leave them exposed with no chance of putting up another gloo wall giving you an easy victory.

2. Skyler tricks: Crucial team asset

This is especially true when you are in a team battle and the other team has multiple gloo walls up to avoid damage. While bullets and grenades can destroy the gloo walls, it takes time and wastes your precious ammo. Another good way is to keep a Skyler in your team for such situations and use his ability to destroy the walls while the rest of the team mates can take down the enemy team.

3. Skyler tricks: Heal while fighting

Skyler's second ability becomes very handy here. In close range combat where it is extremely hard to find the time to use medkit or take help of healers, the obvious choice of action is to retreat. But not if you use Skyler. Skyler can hold his ground as just by putting up a gloo wall he can start regenerating a bit of his health, allowing him to defend, attack and heal all at the same time.

4. Skyler tricks: Beating Rushers

We all know players and teams who rush using the gloo walls. They would flank towards you and your team by placing multiple gloo walls while getting close to you. This way they minimize their damage and save the ammo till it is a close range combat. Skyler is extremely useful in such a scenario. By destroying gloo walls instantly, he will expose the enemy in his tracks and open a chance for your teammates to eliminate him.

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First Published Date: 21 Aug, 23:32 IST