5 things about AI you may have missed today: Miraculous 'AI-infused' surgery, AI's role in hiring and more

AI Roundup: Miraculous 'AI-infused' surgery restores movement in paralysed man, IISc collaborates to implement AI in shipbuilding, and much more.

| Updated on: Jul 30 2023, 21:19 IST
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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, July 30. (REUTERS)

Miraculous 'AI-infused' surgery restores movement and sensation in a paralysed US man; Goa Shipyard and IISc collaborate to implement AI in shipbuilding; Japan aims to accelerate scientific discovery with generative AI development- this and more in our daily AI roundup. Take a look.

1. Miraculous 'AI-infused' surgery restores movement and sensation in paralysed man

AI-infused surgery has brought new hope for those are paralyzed. According to the New York Post, Keith Thomas, injured in a diving accident, regained motion and sensation as his brain was connected to a computer through microelectrode implants. Experts call it a pioneering case for treating various diseases. Dr. Ashesh Mehta praised Thomas's determination, stating this breakthrough could help millions worldwide.

2. Goa Shipyard and IISc collaborate to implement AI in shipbuilding

Goa Shipyard and IISc join forces for AI-driven shipbuilding. The MoU between GSL and IISc aims to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and innovate in warship and weapon integration, according to a TOI report. The collaboration seeks to implement AI-powered predictive analytics for safer working conditions, defence preparedness, and indigenous manufacturing, as well as reduce accidents and safeguard personnel and assets.

3. Japan aims to accelerate scientific discovery with generative AI development

Japan's education ministry plans to create a generative AI that generates scientific hypotheses by learning from research papers and experiments, aiming to boost data safety and national competitiveness, according to Nikkei Asia. Initially, for medical and material research, the project, led by Riken, will open this technology to outside labs and companies in 2025. The AI could significantly reduce the time to publish papers and enhance Japan's global competitiveness.

4. ChatGPT's potential to harm humanity: Does It understand the world?

Large Language Models (LLMs) face vulnerabilities, including susceptibility to automated adversarial attacks that produce harmful content. However, their shallow understanding of the human world remains a significant hurdle before achieving "superintelligence." OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, warns that this powerful technology could lead to human extinction.

5. AI's role in hiring, promoting, and training workers

Artificial intelligence is transforming HR departments, with a majority of HR leaders already utilising AI for various functions, and more expected to increase reliance in the coming months. AI helps with tasks like managing employee records, payroll processing, benefits administration, and composing emails for repetitive inquiries. Its ability to analyse vast data enhances HR efficiency, allowing teams to focus on more human-centric aspects of their work.


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First Published Date: 30 Jul, 21:19 IST